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Red States Declaring ‘I Am Texacus’ – HotAir

Well, if this doesn’t give you a little faith in the backbone of some of our elected officials, I’m not quite sure what would.

As Karen caught us all up this morning, SCOTUS lifting the injunction against the Feds cutting Gov Greg Abbott’s border protection razor-wire has morphed into a battle royale. From rational people who can’t see where protecting the border is something you wouldn’t do on your own if the president was willfully deficient – as Biden and toadies most certainly and malevolently are – to hysterical, shrieking eel Democratic congressman demanding that same worthless administration seize control of the Texas National Guard from the governor…for protecting the unprotected Texas state border.

…The temporary ruling from the Supreme Court that lifted the injunction against Border Patrol from cutting the razor wire has not stopped Governor Abbott. He has ordered more razor wire along the border and the Texas National Guard is putting it up. Open border Democrats have their hair on fire. Since Abbott is proceeding while the Supreme Court continues its work, unhinged House Democrats want Biden to take control of the Texas National Guard.

In a truly comic aside, my senator pointed out the hypocrisy in Joaquin Castro’s puling “grab the guard” grandstanding…

…and I’m sure there had to a certain amount of pleasure derived from beating back brain-dead Beto O’Rourke’s empty, desperate posturing for even a tiny moment of someone’s attention.


It didn’t take long for the governors you’d expect to offer support for Texas to speak up. Florida was on it immediately.

Glenn Younkin of Virginia chimed in…

…as did Oklahoma.

And they have continued popping up in support of Abbott all over the map.

Brian Kemp of Georgia came onboard, along with West Virginia, Utah and South Dakota in short order. Fortunately, a very clever friend thought to start a map to keep track as the ranks behind Texas grow ever deeper and redder.

The red state rebellion is solid enough it even caught the attention of Newsweek who has found their own state map for visuals. Now, they’re probably hoping to scare more Democrats into voting this fall –


– but I’m not sure their routine hair-on-fire act is going to work, particularly in regards to this subject.

Republican governors across the U.S. have backed Texas in its escalating conflict with the Biden administration over immigration enforcement.

In a 5-4 vote on Monday, the Supreme Court sided with the administration by ruling that federal agents could—for now—resume cutting razor wire that Texas had installed along a stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border. The installation of the concertina wire along the Rio Grande was among several aggressive measures Texas Governor Greg Abbott has taken at the border in his efforts to stop migrants from entering the U.S. illegally.

In the days since the ruling, Texas has erected even more razor wire near the border. Abbott has said the fight is “not over” and praised Texas National Guard soldiers for continuing to “hold the line.”

In a statement Wednesday, the Republican governor said Texas has a constitutional “right to self-defense” and that the state is “acting on that authority, as well as state law, to secure the Texas border.”

Even liberal media sources are being forced to confront the fact that Biden’s border (and I won’t say “policy” because he has none) is a flaming disaster. Democrats being overrun, thanks to their formerly halcyon belief in the peace and beauty of “sanctuary cities,” might very well find the intransigence of Republican governors on border security refreshing at this point.

Immigration, one of the most politically divisive and complex matters in the U.S. for decades, is emerging as a top issue in the 2024 election.

Look no further than Iowa and New Hampshire, two early-voting states thousands of miles from the southwest border.

Voters there ranked immigration nearly as important as the economy when asked which issue mattered most in deciding how to vote in the Republican presidential contests.

“I think overall the most important thing to me is securing the borders, national security,” Bill Collins of Bedford, New Hampshire, told ABC News at a polling place on Tuesday.

…Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is facing rancor within his own party as Democratic leaders in New York and Illinois forced to deal with the fallout from busloads of migrants being sent to their cities by Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott amid a historic influx of border crossings.

In his entire administration, it has eclipsed everything else,” said Muzaffar Chishti, a senior fellow at the nonpartisan Migration Policy Institute.

If one of these blue state governors, with finances and resources now starting to buckle under the weight of what’s being bused into his domain, grew a pair and said, “Yeah. Texas is doing something because no one else is,” well…how big a hero would he be?

There’s real danger here for an administration that you think couldn’t possibly cover itself in any more rotting dung, and yet can be relied upon to either freeze in an agony of indecision, or choose the absolute worst path to follow. Every. Single. Time.

Either they send troops down to fight and physically remove the barriers and wires.

Or they let Texas continue to provide the public with visuals of what actual border security and enforcement looks like.

There is no middle ground with POTATUS and his unholy band of incompetents.

I’m curious to see what CDR Salamander’s map looks like in a couple days. Could well be a preview of coming attractions.

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