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She Was Convicted of Voter Fraud–Then Appointed as Deputy Mayor – HotAir

Do the powers that be approve of voter fraud?

Watch what they do, not what they say. They will always tell you that it doesn’t happen, and if it happens it is wrong. But they do everything they can to make it easy to do and difficult to find, and as you can see in the case of Gloria Torres, they also reward the person who does it when they can get away with it.

The case of Torres is interesting because she wasn’t merely caught committing fraud, she was actually criminally convicted of doing so.

There is no ambiguity, no “misunderstanding” of the rules, no question that she violated her oath as an elections official, or anything that mitigates the case or the perception of it.

She flat-out cheated, and the people in charge rewarded her by appointing her Deputy Mayor of her town.

Convicted ballot harvester, Gloria Torres, has been appointed as the new Vice Mayor of San Luis, Arizona.

Torres, who was appointed during the regular city council meeting on December 13, pleaded guilty to ballot abuse in June 2023.

Torres and Nadia Guadalupe Lizarraga-Mayorquin a/k/a Nadia Buchanan were indicted in October 2022, on two Class 6 felonies of conspiracy and ballot abuse stemming from a two-year long investigation by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office with assistance from the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office.

The ballot harvesting activities were exposed by two Yuma County men, David Lara, and Gary Garcia Snyder, through hidden video surveillance outside a San Luis polling station in July 2020. Former San Luis mayor Guillermina Fuentes and local resident Alma Yadira Juarez were convicted in 2022 in part based on the video evidence.

Council Member Matias Rosales, a candidate for the Arizona House of Representative, quickly seconded former Vice Mayor Luis E. Cabrera’s recommendation to appoint Torres as Vice Mayor. Torres’ appointment was approved on a 4-3 vote of the Council.

Rosales is hoping to unseat the popular Republican House incumbent, Michele Peña.

Caught on camera, convicted, paroled, and now Deputy Mayor.

They are spitting in our faces. “Yes, we cheated. What can you do about it? We have the power, and you don’t.”

To add insult to injury, the former Mayor was part of the voter fraud scam, and the only reason why it was uncovered was that two local residents caught them all on camera committing the fraud. Local officials were all part of the scheme, and it took the state’s Attorney General’s office to push the case through.

Now we see that even arrests and convictions are not enough to keep the fraudsters out of power. One of their own is back in the game.

Leftists push harder every year to make elections less secure and less easy to monitor, and the people who cheat are less accountable under the law. All that pious talk about the sanctity of elections is complete BS, and the only reason why most people don’t notice is that the MSM keeps assuring us that everything isn’t just fine but better than ever.

Hugh Hewitt has been saying for years that we must get enough votes to win beyond the margin of cheating.

True enough, but the margin of cheating gets larger every election.

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