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Sixty House Republicans Went to Eagle Pass, Texas and They Got an Eyeful of Illegal Aliens – HotAir

Speaker Mike Johnson took a group of House Republicans to Eagle Pass, Texas on Wednesday. It is said to be the largest group that has visited the border.

While there, the Republicans got a look at illegal immigrants trying to cross over into Texas. Instead, they came across a barrier of razor wire. Razor wire has been installed along the bank of the Rio Grande River as part of Operation Lone Star, Governor Abbott’s initiative to secure the Texas border with Mexico. The illegals crossed the river and then couldn’t come into Texas because of the razor wire. They asked for Border Patrol agents but there were none at that spot. They asked for the president, too. Did they think Joe Biden was just hanging out in that area? What a joke. He’s only been to the border once and it wasn’t Eagle Pass.

The razor wire worked as planned. They had to turn around and go back.

This is where I remind you that the Biden DOJ is suing Texas to allow Border Patrol agents to cut the razor wire so the illegals can get through the barrier. Biden is actively working against Texas to keep the border open. The Republican congress members saw a larger group of men allegedly from Venezuela also unable to get through the razor wire.

CNN didn’t carry the press conference with Johnson. Shocker, I know. FNC carried it while Johnson was speaking then cut away when a couple of congressmen were introduced to speak. Johnson said that two things in particular led to the Biden border crisis – Biden ended the Remain in Mexico agreement and he stopped the construction on the border wall. Local officials say that reinstalling the Remain in Mexico policy would decrease the invasion by 70%. “This doesn’t require legislation, it requires leadership,” Johnson said. Johnson also said that House Article 2 has been sitting on Chuck Schumer’s desk for seven months.

Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) is the representative for the Eagle Pass area. He stressed that “Showing up matters.” He claimed he has brought 24 border CODELS to the border so far. He wants lawmakers to see what is going on. The lawmakers visited a shelter that is supposed to house 1,000 but Wednesday afternoon had 6,000 illegals there. About 4,000 were preparing to be released. “We are on the brink of massive catch and release.” Gonzales said the root of the problem is the cartels. He wants them to be labeled as terrorist organizations.

The cherry on top of the border crisis cake Wednesday was that the Biden administration announced it will sue Texas over SB 4, legislation that allows law enforcement to send back illegal immigrants to Mexico. “Texas cannot run it’s own immigration system.”

Fox’s Bill Melugin was on the scene before Speaker Johnson and the others arrived. He noted that hardly anyone was crossing the river and how unusual it was. Was it because the House Republicans were coming? It’s unclear. Later in the day the groups of illegal immigrants grew to more normal levels.

Also going on Wednesday was a hearing with DHS Secretary Mayorkas as the House begins his impeachment inquiry. Guess what Mayorkas blames for the Biden border crisis? Climate change. I kid you not.

During an interview on CNN Wednesday, Mayorkas trashed Governor Abbott, because, of course, he did.

He argued his team has been working to address “the challenges that cities across the country are facing” as they grapple with an influx of migrants.

The secretary then pivoted to whack the Texas governor.

“Let me identify one fundamental problem here,” Mayorkas said.

He went on, “And that is the fact that we have one governor in the state of Texas who is refusing to cooperate with other governors and other local officials and coordinate efforts to address a challenge … which this country should stand united to address, that our country is facing.”

“And it’s a remarkable failure of governance to refuse to cooperate with one’s fellow local and state officials,” he added.

“Failure of governance”, eh? That’s rich. Biden and Mayorkas ignore the southern border and intentionally keep it open. Governor Abbott is trying to protect the border. You can’t make this nonsense up. Mayorkas is a clown. Texas is on its own.

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