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‘Sorry! We’re Full!’ – HotAir

Well, gosh darn it. The mayors of the Sanctuary Cities have just turned off the cheap fluorescent “Open” signs they got at Sam’s Club and have flipped them over.


But these damn people keep coming!

The mayors of three of the biggest cities in the country – including Chicago – met Wednesday to discuss the migrant crisis each is facing.

As CBS 2’s Marybel González reported, Mayor Brandon Johnson on Wednesday said Chicago is almost at capacity with migrants, even as more asylum seekers were making their way to the suburbs and other towns and villages in the area.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Denver Mayor Mike Johnston both said they will take a page from Chicago’s book, as the leaders of those cities likewise said they are at a tipping point.

Not only are they running out of housing and resources, but they are still dealing with unannounced buses arriving every single day – and more expected to come.

Full-full-full, we’re FULL!

Alright. To be fair – that’s not precisely what they said. I believe they phrased it as, “Almost at capacity” and “at a tipping point.”

Only RACIST Republicans would say something as insensitive as “full.”

It’s interesting to watch these Angels of Sanctuary Mercy try to tap-dance out of their shared misery, blaming Texas while trying to say “but the border.” THE BORDER WHICH, had he not gone to Chicago Public Schools or something equally as crappy, he would know RUNS RIGHT ALONGSIDE TEXAS like Lake Michigan to Chicago. Only no one’s backstroking in from Canada.

“…It won’t just be Chicago that won’t be able to maintain this mission, it’s the entire country that’s now at stake. But in no way what this state of Texas is doing…um…is helping the cause. As much as we recognize that there are challenges…significant challenges at the border…”

Sanctuary City Mayor Brandon Johnson would prefer Texas kept their foreign trash to themselves, obviously, even as he handsomely acknowledges it’s…um…challenging. And make them all citizens anyway, why don’t we.

What a frickin’ doofus. It must be too hard to remember who’s responsible for all those folks flooding Chicago streets. Besides POTATUS, it’s the guy who invited them north. Kept saying “Chicago is a sanctuary city.”

That would be you.

Care for cheese with that whine?

And really, Mayor Sanctuary Johnson – why all the hate and disrespect for Texas? Here in every headline is your name, Adams from New York City and…wait a minute. Is that Mayor Johnston of Denver there, too?

Well, it sure seems to be and you’re all beating up on Texas?

Brandon Johnson Joins Mayors of New York and Denver in Calling for Federal Support for Migrants While Pushing Back Against ‘Reckless Approach’ in Texas

The mayors of Chicago, New York City and Denver want the migrant crisis to be classified as a federal emergency, and say that absent immediate federal assistance, their cities are at the breaking point.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Denver Mayor Mike Johnston held a joint online press conference Wednesday afternoon in an effort to call attention to the crisis.

For their part, Chicago officials say with 15,000 asylum seekers in the city’s care, the shelter system has “reached capacity,” according to a news release.

Frankly, for Sanctuary City mayors, that takes a helluva a lot of nerve. But for you to sit alongside Mayor Johnston of Denver, and squawk about TEXAS? Without saying a word about what Denver’s sent your way?

As thousands of migrants pour into Denver, CBS News Colorado has learned the city is buying bus, train and even plane tickets to send many of them somewhere else.

Over the last year, Denver has spent nearly $4.5 million transporting more than 12,000 migrants out-of-state.

He provided a spreadsheet showing the city has transported migrants to virtually every major city in the country over the last year. It’s not only sent them to big cities but smaller ones like Wilson, North Carolina. Most of them have gone to Chicago, New York and Salt Lake City. It’s also sent several hundred migrants to Texas, which has bused 6,600 migrants to Colorado since May according to Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Just goes to show what a partisan fraud Johnson is, considering where most of those Denver illegals wound up.

Oh, but you see – there’s also another difference. Democrats ask illegals politely where they’d like to go, even though they’re a little loose on letting the cities they’re heading for know illegals are coming.

…He says Denver sending migrants to other cities is entirely different than Texas sending them here: “The difference is we’re actually asking them where they want to go.”

But he admits they also don’t give other cities a heads up: “There’s just no way for us to coordinate on that scale. It’s just unfeasible. And it’s only for one or two tickets, often, per day.”


Sing it, Brother Brandon.

Eric Adams is trying a different approach to the coaches from Texas. Buses carrying illegals now have specified loading and unloading hours, and additionally must have announced their intended arrival well ahead of time.

…Adams said the order mandates any buses carrying migrants arrive in the city only between 8:30 a.m. and noon on weekdays. The buses’ arrival must also be announced 32 hours in advance, he said. The order specifically applies to buses contracted by the state of Texas — whose governor Adams routinely blames for sending asylum seekers into the five boroughs.

…The executive order came the same day five buses arrived in New York City at around 1 a.m., forcing officials to scramble as they received the migrants who had begun their journey with a chartered flight from El Paso. Last week, a record 14 buses arrived from Texas in a single night, Adams said.

Adams said violating his order would result in a misdemeanor punishable by fines or the impounding of charter buses. He also raised the possibility his administration would file lawsuits against violators.

I’d like to point out if Adams had been half this organized when this all started, he might not be in the pickle he’s in right now.

Nothing about arresting illegals here illegally from any of these mayors – just the poor guy driving the bus.

Peace, love, and sanctuary, you know. Unless you have to actually live in the neighborhoods where these illegals land because the officials in charge are incompetent whiners.

My goodness. She was suspended for that?

It’s almost like she’s saying these countries “aren’t sending their best” and that simply can’t be said. Although I have a feeling recent crime statistics in either ChiTown or NYC might give her argument a boost.

But, oh well. *sigh*

That’s illegals under the bridge as far as arguments go.

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