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Whatever you think about Donald Trump–love him, hate him, or something in-between–you have to admit that his enemies are much much worse than he.

Or, at the least, Donald Trump brings out the very worst from his enemies. Perhaps these people would be otherwise relatively sane, normal people, but exposure to Trump turns them into truly hideous people.

It likely is a combination of both. Many of Trump’s enemies have been evil from the beginning, but some simply became deranged by his Orangeness.

Trump not only brings out the worst in some people–he also somehow makes them self-destructive. How many Republican Never-Trumpers destroyed themselves by attempting to take down Trump? It’s like they are 110 lb weaklings attacking a Grizzly. It was never going to turn out well, but they couldn’t resist.

And then there are people like Fani Willis, who latched onto the Trump-hatred train as a career move.

It was a bad career move, obviously. To say that Willis’ career is imploding before our eyes is, if anything, an understatement. If things are as bad as they now appear, her ethical violations could strip her of her reputation, her job, and her law license.

The Georgia RICO case has always been the most potentially dangerous for Trump because, unlike federal crimes, he couldn’t pardon himself as president. The case is shaky, but the threat to him was very real and a big distraction.

Now, not so much. Willis will likely not be on the case, and while her getting booted would not prevent the case from going forward, it would definitely put a dent in it, especially if a change of venue comes about, as seems possible. Put the case in a less urban venue, and he wins easily.

Taking on Donald Trump has proven to be a bad career move unless you are in the media, and media folks aren’t really taking him on. They are riding the tiger to higher ratings. They really present no direct threat to Trump.

The one set of enemies Trump has not destroyed is the most dangerous group: the shadowy money-men and Deep State folks to whom he presents the greatest threat. They didn’t take him seriously in 2016 but spent the next four years preparing to defeat him in 2020–and they did. If Trump is right and the election was stolen, these people did it; if he genuinely lost, they still made that happen by rigging the information landscape with censorship and Narrative building.

With Fani Willis almost certainly on the way out, Trump’s biggest and most powerful enemy is still out there, and they are still dangerous.






















































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