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Surgeon Whistleblower Fundraises to Cover Legal Bills as Biden Administration Pursues ‘Political Intimidation’ – HotAir

A surgeon blew the whistle on the children’s hospital where he worked and now he needs money. On Wednesday he launched a fundraiser to cover legal costs.

The whistleblower who exposed Texas Children’s Hospital as a facility that continued to do transgender procedures on children in Texas after it publicly announced it stopped doing so came forward to ask for help. He said that now he is being targeted by federal prosecutors. They seek retribution for the leak.

Eithan Haim, 33, on Wednesday launched a fundraiser to cover his legal costs for what he calls a ‘blatant attempt at political intimidation’ after he lifted the lid on trans procedures at Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH).

Haim in May 2023 released medical files showing that TCH staff had provided puberty blockers and other sex-change treatments to kids, even after hospital officials said they had stopped doing so in March 2022.

‘Just over a month later … two federal agents showed up to my apartment in a highly atypical, unexpected, and aggressive show of force,’ Haim wrote on Wednesday in his appeal for help covering his spiraling legal costs.

‘I was given a target letter signed by a federal prosecutor that stated I was being criminally investigated for a case regarding medical records.’

The prosecution, says Haim, is ‘driven by a highly ideological division within the Department of Health and Human Services.’

Officials seek to ‘silence whistleblowers who expose institutionalized medical corruption and the dangers of these hormone-based interventions for confused, adolescent children,’ he added.

The FBI declined to comment.

Haim did release private medical files on children who received trans medical procedures but he said he redacted the identities of the children. Some of the children were as young as 12.

He wants to raise $500,000 via GiveSendGo to cover his legal expenses. He has already cashed in his retirement funds, investments, and other savings. Even with all that, he said he owes “hundreds of thousands” in legal bills. He thinks it could potentially cost millions of dollars to fight the case by trial.

Conservative activist Christopher Rufo of the Manhattan Institute helped Haim when he blew the whistle last year. Rufo released a video interview with Haim today. He discusses the case and the negative impact of transgender procedures on children. Rufo stood up for Haim by saying that he did not break any privacy laws. Rufo led the Manhattan Institute’s research into trans care. The ‘Biden administration wanted to make a point: those who challenge trans orthodoxy will be punished by the state,’ said Rufo.

Governor Abbott calls the trans medical agenda as child abuse. In March 2022, he ordered the state’s child welfare agency to investigate those cases. The documents that Rufo published, thanks to Haim, show that TCH doctors continued to do procedures throughout 2022 and into 2023.

In January 2023 Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton opened an investigation into TCH. TCH said again that it would halt trans procedures for children.

At the time when Texas lawmakers were working to ban trans procedures for children in 2022, the TCH CEO said it was heart-wrenching to stop the treatments. The whistleblower described the doctors as ‘full-blown woke’ pro-trans ‘activists.’

There has been two whistleblowers against TCH. The second whistleblower claimed TCH rushed trans children into using puberty blockers and hormones when they should have received mental health support.

Trans surgeries and treatments are cash cows for the medical community. It is not unexpected that facilities don’t want to give that revenue stream up. The trans agenda has never been about the well-being of children. It is a political agenda pushed by the radical progressive left. It’s a power grab and meant to destabilize traditional Judeo-Christian values on which this country was built. The Marxist left wants to end traditional families by normalizing transgender surgeries so men and women can cosplay as a member of the other gender. Let adults do as they wish but leave the minor children out of it. Give them mental health services and see to it that they do not permanently alter their bodies until they are adults and capable of making such life-altering changes.

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