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Canada Delays MAID for Mental Illness – HotAir

Canada has been in the medical murder business for quite a while, and business has been quite good for this generation’s Kevorkians.  First passed into law in 2016, Medical Assistance in Dying has become one of the most common causes of death in the Great White North. About one out of 20 deaths in Canada […]

Assisted dying: Lessons from Canada and Australia

ANOTHER big push to legalise ‘assisted dying’ in the UK has been reinforced by celebrity endorsements,  hard cases and the testimonies of serving and former politicians who underwent a change of heart and now see that patients should have ‘choice’ at the end of their lives.  It is being driven largely by assisted suicide aficionado Gary […]

Censorship Turns Ugly in Trudeau’s Canada – HotAir

Ugly and stupid, as censorship efforts tend to become over time anyway. This incident involving a Rebel News reporter and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police puts an extra dollop on both counts, especially with it playing out entirely on video. Menzies wanted an answer from Canada’s finance minister Chrystia Freeland about why Justin Trudeau’s government had […]