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Candace Owens Out at the Daily Wire – HotAir

I can’t say I am surprised to see it finally happen. Jeremy Boreing, the CEO of the Daily Wire, announced that Candace Owens and the company have parted ways.  No more details were released.  Daily Wire and Candace Owens have ended their relationship. — Jeremy Boreing (@JeremyDBoreing) March 22, 2024 As an avid fan of […]

The Daily Mail and the vindictive hounding of a good doctor

THE sordid state of the medical system here in the UK is laid bare in excruciating detail in a recent Daily Mail article which chooses to perpetuate myths and disinformation rather than engage in genuine reporting. The story so far Dr Sarah Myhill, a doctor now working as a naturopath, is being hounded by the General Medical […]