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Is it a crime to oppose abortion in France?

A SPECIAL ‘Congress’ at the Versailles Palace yesterday brought together members of the French parliament’s lower and upper houses to approve an amendment to the French constitution recognising the ‘guaranteed freedom for women to resort to an abortion’ (though in typical French fashion the word ‘abortion’ has been medicalised to ‘voluntary pregnancy termination’). Most of […]

France proposes to outlaw medical dissent

LAST WEEK the National Assembly (lower house) of the French Parliament passed a Bill that criminalises certain forms of dissuasion from orthodox or ‘established’ medical treatments, including prophylactic or preventive treatments, which could, potentially, include vaccines. The measure has attracted national controversy in France and been condemned as a ‘disproportionate’ attack on freedom of expression by the […]

The ‘shipwreck’ of Brexit, according to the Voice of France

I WAS sent a little vignette about how the French establishment sees Brexit, or rather more accurately how they would like to portray it. Le Figaro is the establishment self-proclaimed voice of La France, their equivalent of perhaps The Times with a bit of FT thrown in – and to them the mad Rosbif have got what they deserved, ‘a total loss […]