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The BBC’s 1970s climate alarm – a new Ice Age

CLIMATE scientists at the time were unanimous – by the 1970s it was crystal clear that the planet had been cooling for three decades. This fact led to various ice age scares in the media, but on a more serious level the authorities were very concerned about a return to the Little Ice Age conditions […]

ICE Wanted to Release Sex Offender into Community – HotAir

Oregon didn’t want to prosecute a man who committed rape in their state, and the federal government didn’t want to detain him. Legally a Florida Sheriff was being forced to release him back onto the streets. Then he got DeSantis involved.  Governor Ron DeSantis fought back and convinced ICE to allow them to detain him. […]

House Subcommittee Passes Bill To Require Tennessee Law Enforcement To Report Illegal Aliens To Feds

Image Credit: capitol.tn.gov The Tennessee Conservative Staff – The House Departments and Agencies Subcommittee passed a bill requiring law enforcement to report illegal immigrants to the federal government in their Wednesday meeting. House Bill 2124 (HB2124), as introduced “requires, rather than authorizes, law enforcement agencies to communicate with the appropriate federal official regarding the immigration […]

Don’t Look Now But ICE Has Been Doing Its Job – HotAir

Now that illegal immigration and our wide open southern border has been noticed by just about everyone in the country, suddenly there are random articles here and there about U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deportations. It’s an election year, you know, and the incumbent is the one who intentionally opened the border. It’s election […]