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The slippery slope: Surge in assisted suicides in Oregon

THE latest US government report on assisted suicide in Oregon has revealed that rates have increased by 20 per cent in the last year alone. The official statistics also provide startling new evidence of botched assisted suicides, where instead of ‘dying with dignity’ one patient took a record five days to expire after ingesting a […]

Bill to Recriminalize Drug Use Moves Forward in Oregon – HotAir

It’s really happening. This week a bill aimed at rolling back Oregon’s previous decision to decriminalize drugs (known as Measure 110) is making progress through the legislature. It was passed out of committee on Tuesday. Oregon lawmakers on the joint addiction committee on Tuesday evening voted for a proposal to backtrack on Measure 110 and […]

Oregon University Eliminates Failing Grades – HotAir

Some colleges and universities in the United States have been struggling with student performance, particularly since they began spending more time protesting Israel or the police than on the classes they signed up for. And the DEI push concerning who does or doesn’t get admitted isn’t helping either. But no school wants to go public […]

Oregon Finally Rethinks Drug Decriminalization – HotAir

In 2020, voters in Oregon narrowly approved a measure that would “reimagine” efforts to deal with drug addiction by decriminalizing nearly every aspect of the illicit drug trade. Resources would instead be focused on getting people into treatment and incentivizing recovery programs. The results have been nothing short of catastrophic, with junkies overdosing and in […]