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Trump Nostalgia is Real and It’s Spectacular – HotAir

Voters are looking back at the Trump administration and that’s not good for President Biden. Trump nostalgia is real.  Former President Trump’s numbers on key issues with voters have risen 6 percentage points since 2020. A new New York Times/Siena College poll shows that a plurality of voters, 42 percent, now say that the Trump […]

Yet Another Bogus Trump Trial Begins Today, Helping Trump – HotAir

Now it’s Alvin Bragg’s turn to harass Donald Trump with ridiculous lawfare intended to boost Bragg’s political prospects and harm Donald Trump’s. Bragg may succeed in accomplishing the first goal, but he most certainly will not in the second.  Call this the Stormy Daniels trial. Or the porn payoff prosecution. Call it whatever you want; […]

John Kirby Blames Trump for Iran’s Attack on Israel – HotAir

It’s no surprise that the Biden administration blames former President Trump for Iran’s attack on Israel over the weekend. Biden and his minions blame Trump for everything.  That’s not hyperbole, that’s their record. Look at any issue that reflects poorly on the Biden administration – there are many – and the first response is to […]

NPR Prays for Trump Conviction – HotAir

Jury selection began today in New York City for Donald Trump’s supposed “hush money” payments to an adult film star in 2016. Most legal analysts have described the case as being bizarre, but since the jury pool is being pulled from Manhattan, it’s not inconceivable that the liberal Democrat judge in the case, Juan Merchan, […]

Trump is a Bully, You Know – HotAir

Jill Biden spoke to volunteers at the Human Rights Campaign and described Donald Trump as a bully and dangerous.  She called on the audience to “fight like hell” to get her husband re-elected. She was appealing to a crowd of about 500, telling them that President Biden strongly advocates for gay rights.  ‘Donald Trump is […]