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Texas Governor Abbott is a Racist, You Know – HotAir

The dullard that was elected Mayor of Chicago, Brandon Johnson, said Texas Governor Greg Abbott is ‘attacking’ ‘leaders of color’ by sending illegal aliens to sanctuary cities.

It won’t surprise anyone that he made that absurd statement to an old school race hustler, MSNBC show host Al Sharpton. Abbott is transporting illegal aliens to sanctuary cities to help the overwhelmed state. Sanctuary cities are run by Democrats. Some sanctuary cities have black mayors. Abbott has nothing to do with that. Voters did that. The mayors of New York City, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia are black. That’s true. However how does he explain Denver? Denver has a white Democrat mayor. Some illegal aliens are beginning to be sent to Las Vegas. That city’s mayor is a white woman.

The purpose of migrant buses and planes is to draw attention to the Biden border crisis. It also helps to relieve the overcrowding. What is Governor Abbott to do? Biden and Mayorkas ignore him when he asks for help or makes suggestions about what will help secure the southern border. When Abbott takes action and implements measures to slow the flow of illegal border crossers, Biden orders the DOJ to sue Texas. Abbott is doing Biden’s job.

Sanctuary cities enjoyed virtue-signaling how much better they are than ordinary cities around the country. Sanctuary cities welcome everyone, they said, regardless of legal status. So, when Governor Abbott took them up on their hospitality, suddenly there was no room and there were not enough services to handle the illegals. Everything was fine as long as Texas bore the full load of illegal immigrants. Abbott exposed them for the hypocrites they are. Oh yeah, the officials in Martha’s Vineyard who gave the illegal aliens sent by DeSantis bowls of cold cereal and bussed them to a military facility are white, too..

Al Sharpton led Johnson into the whine session, because, of course, he did. It’s his brand. Without sowing racial divisions, Sharpton is out of work.

MSNBC host Al Sharpton spoke to Johnson about the migrant crisis Sunday, noting that as it goes on it “puts a tremendous burden on [Johnson] and other Democratic mayors, I might add, many Black mayors have been the focal of this. In fact, on Thursday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams filed a $700 million lawsuit against 17 charter bus companies who transported migrants from Texas.”

“What are your thoughts about the case, and is this an action you would consider taking as well?” Sharpton asked.

“You’re absolutely right about the intentions of Gov. Abbott,” Johnson replied. “He is attacking democratically-run cities, and particularly cities that are being led by Black leaders or leaders-of-color. This is unconscionable. I mean, it’s a very raggedy approach. And quite frankly, not only is it reckless and raggedy, but it is evil-spirited.”

Maybe Mayor Johnson should vote for a Republican for president who promises to secure the southern border. Maybe the residents of sanctuary cities should stop voting for Democrats who want to lead sanctuary cities. Residents of sanctuary cities are angry that this is happening. Immigration, not usually a top issue during election years, is a top issue this time around. American taxpayers are angry at what is happening to this country.

Look at this madness in NYC. A high school is being shut down and the student will go to online learning so that illegal aliens can be housed in the school.

The city has run out of hotel room. Now it is going for the schools. What is after that? Private homes? This is Biden’s America.

A good question was posed by a commenter.

Crime Prevention Research Center president John R. Lott repurposed the mayor’s statement to question Biden’s management of the border.

“If Abbott busing some illegal aliens to Chicago & NYC. Is ‘attacking’ those cities, what do you call the much larger massive flood of illegals that Biden is letting into Texas?” he asked.

I call it Biden’s plan. The Biden border crisis is intentional. This is what he wants. It is why it is so important to change course in November. We can’t take another four years of this madness.

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