The American Dream Does Exist… For Those That Want To Work For It! |

What is Great about America is that no matter what your current job is (for those that want to work) it does not have to be your last job. What is Great about America is if you work hard, with a good attitude, and show to be an asset to a company, you will either get an increase in pay, a new position within the company at higher pay, or a new job with a different company with higher pay, or even start your own company…what is Great about America is if you do not like the location you live in you have the Freedom to move. What is Great about America is if you want to learn a skill or a trade you can go to school, you can take an on-line class, you can ask someone to mentor you. Some may cost money, but you do have the ability to earn an income (if you want to). For those that have ONLY lived in America and feel frustrated…the American Dream does indeed exist….it exists for every American…Over a million individuals come to America each year not because it is a perfect nation, but it does offer a Dream of Opportunity…. For Those That Want to Work For It. If you feel frustrated or are angry with our nation…. please talk with those that have lived somewhere else…. your perspective may change…and may understand HOW BLESSED WE ARE…God Bless America!

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