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The WEF Bond Villains Are Also Ridiculous – HotAir

One of the most bizarre things about the WEF/Davos crowd is that they simultaneously are completely open about their desire to ruin our lives with their totalitarian plans but they still feel the need to virtue signal about how much they care about the little people.

And there is no group of people they are more anxious to virtue signal about than the indigenous tribal peoples of the world.

That’s why you get bizarre displays like this at meetings of the transnational elites. Weird performances by exotic people doing incomprehensible things.

Make no mistake: whatever they say to virtue signal their compassion towards the indigenous, they respect them about as much as I respect Joe Biden’s intellect and integrity.

It’s not like CEOs and world leaders routinely let people practically spit in their faces, and the only people in face paint they usually fawn over are drag queens.

But when your whole shtick is caring about Mother Earth and wanting to save the little people who likely already eat bugs they feel an obligation to act respectfully.

Some wags have even made great memes out of previous WEF performative acts. One of my faves is this interpretive dance accompanying a Jazzy throat singer’s performance.

It’s not just the WEF that does stupid things like this. As I said, the transnational elite is very much into performative bulls**t.

This brings up something that I don’t emphasize enough: the people who are the frontmen for this movement are, often enough, not particularly smart or thoughtful. John Kerrys for the most part, not the genuinely best and brightest. They are people who think that Paul Ehrlich was a smart and deep thinker.

But these midwits are backed by some very smart people who know how to pull the levers of power.

It is often the case that a CEO’s or politician’s success is actually the result of their being able to either pull together a smart team who can get things done, or they have been chosen by a smart and capable person who does it for them. Kerry may not be smart, but some smart people rallied around him and made him into their gravy train.

The same goes for many of these dopes at the WEF who subject themselves to these ridiculous performances. I am tempted to believe that their aides made them sit through it to humiliate them. Just as it must have been some wag at the EU Parliament who decided to force the frontmen to endure a stupid interpretive dance.

The real power is in the hands of the technocrats, who occasionally must bow to the whims of their supposed masters but who can get their revenge by making their “masters” endure an indigenous witch blowing into their faces.

I may be projecting my own emotions, assuming that the technocrats have a mildly petulant sense of humor and would take out their frustrations on the frontmen.

Still, I hope they do occasionally force them to endure such inanities out of spite. Despite my proximity to their class–I did spend a lot of time in academia–I can think of few things for which I would give them any respect.

Humiliating the John Kerrys of the world–I would be compelled to give them kudos for that.

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