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Trump Derangement Syndrome Meltdown of the Week — New Year’s Resolution Liberal Tears Edition – PJ Media

Wow, did I bring my comedian’s sense of timing to the launch of this column. The first one was published on November 30 (My father’s birthday — miss you, Dad!), and the three weeks since then have been a meltdown bonanza. 

The final month before the election year has seen Joe Biden’s approval numbers head deep into the sewer and the poor dears who frequent the Opinion sections of The New York Times and The Washington Post have been ultra-triggered. 

Not gonna lie, it’s kinda fun to watch. 

This could be a daily column with the amount of weeping and gnashing of teeth that’s happening over on the Left. Could be, not should be. I’ve been at this a long time and the panicky overreach I’m seeing at the moment is unprecedented. I still manage to get in at least one other column a week that’s about a meltdown but not part of this series. 

Remember, I read the Times and WaPo Opinion sections so that the people I like in this world don’t have to. 

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As further proof of just how much melting down there is, I found this week’s winner before noon my time on Tuesday. 

Michelle Goldberg is a New York Times Opinion writer whose work I’ve been familiar with for a while. If there were a Pulitzer for jejune hyperbole, Goldberg would have a case full of them.

Her December 18 column is titled, “Make a New Year’s Resolution to Fight Trump.” Because, you know, frequent Times readers haven’t been doing any of that these past seven years. 

I will give her props for never wasting any time in getting to the ridiculous stuff. As a perfect example, I offer you her first sentence: 

Shortly after Donald Trump was elected in 2016, I spoke to a friend in Istanbul about my boundless horror, and while I can’t remember the exact words she said in response, they amounted to “Welcome to my world.”

She experienced “boundless horror” because a presidential election didn’t go her way?!?!? This woman needs to be under heavy sedation and full-time supervision in a mental health care facility. She’s lucky that there is no psychiatric evaluation for voter registration. Here’s the part where I should sarcastically say, “Hmm…maybe there should be.” Some lefty troll would find it though, and start screeching, “VOTER SUPPRESSSSSSSSION!!!” 

Besides, I’m not so sure I would pass one. 

Goldberg then spends a paragraph waxing nostalgic about “The Resistance” — the frothing, emotionally unwell people who took to the streets for a grand scale collective diaper-soiling, all because their preferred candidate didn’t win the election. To reaffirm her cred as one of the unbalanced horde, Goldberg refers to Trump as a “freakish madman of a president.” 

We’ve only covered two paragraphs of this meltdown. I could pull an example from every one of them, but I’ll just share a couple more, then we can wrap up with a good mocking around the campfire. 

Her third paragraph is proof of residence in the Coastal Media Bubble: 

I fear that in a second Trump administration it will be much harder to keep the faith. The first Trump presidency seemed like a grotesque accident, a civic disaster that befell us because we were too blithely arrogant to see it coming. Trump redux, however, is something we’re lurching toward with eyes wide open. If he wins again, it won’t be a shock, and no one will be able to claim, as so many did before, that this is not who we are.

That last sentence about people claiming, “this is not who we are,” is dripping with arrogance, condescension, and the kind of bigoted stupidity always found in coastal liberals who never interact with anyone with whom they disagree. This attitude is what makes it so easy for Democrats try and cheat their way to permanently disenfranchise Republican voters. 

Also, the notion that people who think Hillary Clinton is a good person are morally superior to anyone is laughable. She is one of the most repugnant figures in American political history. 

Because we live in the dumbest of times, Golberg then plays the Hitler card: 

The ex-president’s rhetoric is increasingly Hitlerian; he’s repeatedly said that immigrants are “poisoning the blood” of our country, language that echoes “Mein Kampf.” This month, he approvingly quoted Vladimir Putin about the “rottenness of the American political system, which cannot pretend to teach others about democracy,” and he has said he wants to be a dictator on the first day of a second presidency. He should be taken seriously, even if we’ve all grown too numb to maintain the appropriate level of alarm.

I didn’t pick this paragraph just for a self-promotion opportunity, I swear. I used that example because it’s most indicative of how unhinged Goldberg is. Also, how biased. The paragraph is completely devoid of context, and I just happen to have addressed everything in it in previous columns. 

The “immigrants” thing was covered in a VIP column I wrote on Wednesday

Putin was talking about Biden’s political persecution of Trump, and here’s what I had to say about that

It’s not often that I will throw a “hey, Putin is right” into the universe but, hey, Putin is right. Who would know more about the persecution of political rivals than a Cold War KGB vet? 

The Enemy of the People leftmedia hacks have been running with the “dictator” thing for two weeks now because it fits their “authoritarian” narrative. Well, it does if they don’t provide the whole quote. Sean Hannity had asked Trump if he would promise that he wouldn’t abuse his power for retribution against anyone. 

Trump replies, “Except for Day One.”  Hannity asks what he means, and Trump says, “I wanna close the border, and I wanna drill, drill, drill.” 

To his credit, Hannity immediately pointed out that neither of those things are retribution. So, the thing that they’re putting out there as proof of their narrative being correct never really happened. 

Once any of these leftist screeds hits the “Trump/Hitler” portion, I check out. They’re just garden variety internet trolls at that point. That was enough, however, to make Michelle Goldberg our Meltdown of the Week. 

Thanks to all for reading and I would like to wish everyone an early Merry Christmas. Yes, there will be a column next week!

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