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Trump Urges End to Bud Light Boycott as Fundraiser is Scheduled – HotAir

Funny how that happens. An Anheuser-Busch top lobbyist is scheduled to host a fundraiser for Donald Trump in March. Out of the blue Tuesday, Trump posted on Truth Social that it’s time to give Bud Light a second chance.

The boycott that turned out to be one of the most effective boycotts launched by conservatives, ever, now is inconvenient for Trump’s campaign coffers so he is saying it’s time to shut it down. This is why regular people hate politicians. 

The Truth Social post was meant to persuade his followers that Anheuser-Busch isn’t a woke company. It just made a bad decision in marketing Bud Light. 

“The Bud Light ad was a mistake of epic proportions, and for that a very big price was paid, but Anheuser-Busch is not a Woke company,” Trump wrote. “Anheuser-Busch is a Great American Brand that perhaps deserves a Second Chance? What do you think? Perhaps, instead, we should be going after those companies that are looking to DESTROY AMERICA!”

He said he is “building a list” of woke companies that he may release for everyone to see. He went on to say that is what the radical left does and it is “the way they play the game.”

Sure, Anheuser-Busch does good things, like being a founding corporate co-partner in Folds of Honor. However, the boycott launched by conservative beer drinkers wasn’t about playing a game. They were insulted and angry at the cultural propaganda being pushed by Bud Light’s marketing team. 

Trump’s message also comes as a top Republican lobbyist for the company is set to host a fundraiser for the former president next month, with some tickets going at $10,000 each.

Jeff Miller, a close confidant of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy who built his Washington business during the Trump years, announced on X, formerly Twitter, on Tuesday that he would be hosting the fundraiser. The event is set to feature dozens of members of Congress and Republican leadership, as well as Donald Trump Jr.

Don, Jr. already called for an end to the boycott. He did that last April. He declared that Anheuser-Busch donated more to Republicans than Democrats. 

“I’m not, though, for destroying an American, an iconic company for something like this,” he said on Rumble. “Frankly, they don’t participate in the same woke garbage that other people in the beer industry actually do who are significantly worse offenders when I looked into it.”

It doesn’t matter to those who no longer purchase Bud Light which politicians the company supports. That’s the whole problem. The people drinking Bud Light didn’t want to have politics in their beer. The transgender movement is very much a political agenda. The marketing genius who thought collaborating with Dylan Mulvaney was the thing to do was very wrong. She showed she didn’t know her customers. That is why customers boycotted – the corporate office is out of touch with the people who buy the products. 

Essentially, Bud Light said they weren’t interested in customer dollars so those customers walked away. Anheuser-Busch lost billions of dollars and that marketing executive is reported to have lost her job. Yet, there has never been an apology from the CEO. He hasn’t bothered to stop and simply say he is sorry. 

Bud Light has put out some commercials that try to show how patriotic is and how their customers are average Joe’s. All that is true but without an apology, all these ads fall flat. The next partner with Bud Light is comedian Shane Gillis. Gillis was hired to join the cast of SNL several years ago but was promptly fired when some old jokes surfaced on social media that were deemed racist.

Anheuser-Busch InBev shares rose Wednesday after getting an endorsement from Trump. It was the company’s best one-day rise in three months. 

Did I mention that Trump owns a sizeable chuck of Anheuser-Busch stock? Yeah, there’s that.

The former president appears to own a sizable pile of the company’s stock, Federal Election Commission records show. Documents certified last October show Trump holds as much as $5 million dollars of Anheuser-Busch Inbev stock, raising questions about the ethics of his apparent endorsement of the company.

As I said, this is why regular people, like Bud Light drinkers, hate politicians  Let the boycott run its course. Celebrate that a conservative-led boycott successfully made its mark. 

More Clysdales, please. This marks the Budweiser Clydesdales’ 46th Super Bowl appearance.


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