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Turns Out Fidelito IS a Fascist – HotAir

This is kind of big news, one would think, considering everything Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has put his country through (My dear friend David thought it was, too.). Also considering all of the power he has sought to gather unto himself under the various guises of “emergencies,” “pandemics,” and “big scary trucks making honking noises,” etc.?

It’s really a sign of hope for Canadian recovery from this socialist scion.

In a long-awaited decision, the Federal Court has ruled that the measures Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked under the Emergencies Act were unreasonable and unconstitutional.

The decision follows an application for judicial review launched by the Canadian Constitution Foundation, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, and several other applicants in 2022 after the emergency measures were used to end the Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa.

The measures controversially allowed the government to freeze the bank accounts of protesters, conscript tow truck drivers, and arrest people for participating in assemblies the government deemed illegal.

The court declared that the decision to issue the Proclamation and associated Regulations and Order was unreasonable and beyond the scope of the Emergencies Act.

The pushback about the decision from the power-hungry Trudeau government was immediate and…they seem kind of put-out about it.

I hope they’re scared Schlitz-less.

“…We respect very much Canada’s independent judiciary…however. We do not agree with this decision and, respectfully, we will be appealing…”

What a load of hooey. They have little respect for anything, less mind the constitutional rights of Canadians, and the judiciary that is supposed to safe-guard those rights.

If you’ll remember, this really got going in January of 2022 at the height of the COVID insanity. The pandemic excuse was the perfect set-up for a power-grab by the black-faced control hungry opportunist of little brain but much malevolence.

Even in the face of the transport delays and supply shortages both countries were experiencing, Trudeau declared that cross country essential workers – to include truckers – had to provide proof of vaccination at the border/port of entry to avoid “stringent testing requirements and quarantine,” which was potentially going to bench at least 15% of the truckers who ply the border trade routes between the US and Canada.

Truckers went ballistic and organized the Canadian Truckers’ Protest now known as The Freedom Convoy. It was a legendary grassroots uprising, quickly morphing from upset truckers into a symbol of resistance for hundreds of thousands of angry Canadians, furious about government overreach and oppression.

And it scared the beejeebus out of Trudeau and his toadies.

…The numbers and popularity grew – with terrifying sentiments expressed openly, like, “I want my Canada back.”

Even as it wound into the capital of Ottawa – and, frankly, became a non-violent but loud pain-in-the-ass for residents there – Trudeau and the storm troopers were ready to crush it while annihilating the organizers.

…And, as the massive convoy moved into Ottawa proper, a spooked Trudeau government came down hard and fast on the burgeoning Freedom Convoy. Arrests, confiscations of rigs, seizures of private bank accounts, and the invocation of emergency powers for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau were just some of the actions taken and threatened. The list of every dictatorial power needed to crush the rebellion was checked off and handed to the black-faced boy in the white turban.

Millions had been raised to help feed and house and buy fuel for the protestors. The Canadian government seized it all, including the private bank accounts of the protest leaders and individual truckers.

…The constitutional challenge to the invocation of the Emergencies Act was filed on behalf of four Canadians who had participated in the peaceful Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa in January and February 2022. They are Jeremiah Jost, a 28-year-old contractor and volunteer firefighter from Alberta; Edward Cornell, a 64-year-old retired military veteran from New Brunswick; Rev. Harold Ristau from Ontario, a former Canadian Armed Forces chaplain and retired officer with Canadian Special Operations Forces Command; and Vincent Gircys, a retired, decorated member of the Ontario Provincial Police.

The Emergencies Act was invoked on February 14, 2022, by the Federal Cabinet to shut down the Freedom Convoy protest. Each of the plaintiffs suffered significant harm during the militaristic police crackdown that began on February 18, 2022. Two of the applicants represented by the Justice Centre had their bank accounts frozen and seized, without judicial authorization or a review process, under laws that normally apply only to terrorists and enemy nations.


What a backhand from the court.

Trudeau and his government had not argued that they hadn’t superseded and stomped all over the truckers’ rights. Oh, no, no, no.

Trudeau’s government argued that since they weren’t abusing anyone NOW the citizens who’d been abused then had no standing to sue.

‘S’all good!

Thank goodness for the courage of the four who filed suit, the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms who represented them, the scores of other Canadian organizations who offered support, and mondo kudos to Judge Richard Mosely for calling Trudeau on the constitutional carpet.

God willing, Trudeau to the dustbin of history happens.

A proud moment for the Brave Canadians who did the right thing and I’m proud to have met Tamara Lich and Chris Barber and the other leaders of the Freedom Convoy while on my visit to Ottawa. Great people. Canada can be proud of those who resisted.

Oh, Canada – it’s a good day.

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