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U.S. Hockey Team Sings National Anthem After Winning World Junior Championship – HotAir

Team USA hockey won the World Junior Championship over the weekend. The championship is sweet enough on its own. However, there is another element to the story that is warming hearts across the country.

The team sang the National Anthem when it was played following the team’s victory.

Look at those happy young men. Their parents did something right. There isn’t a kneeler among them. The team stood there and proudly sang the National Anthem without any self-consciousness at all. How refreshing. It gives me hope for the upcoming generation.

I’ll note that the video shared online was by a Canadian media outlet. ESPN didn’t carry it, according to reports.

Shortly after their 6-2 victory, the American players sang their national anthem together. TSN shared a video of them singing with such pride.

Former ESPN anchor Sage Steele was awfully happy to see Team USA celebrate in this manner. However, she wasn’t thrilled with her former employer’s coverage of this celebration.

Steele called out ESPN for not showing a video of the players singing the national anthem.

“Crazy that CANADA’s top sports network @TSN_Sports chose to show this special moment from AMERICA’s junior hockey team after winning gold..but AMERICA’s largest sports network @espn chose to completely ignore it on all social media platforms,” Steele wrote. “Also crazy considering ESPN’s rights deal with the @NHL . Unlike so many famous millionaire athletes who complain about this country but gladly take the money.. it’s SO refreshing to see such pride from these young men.”

The final score was 6-2 against Sweden. It is the team’s sixth gold medal it has won in the championship’s history. The team is being praised for their patriotism.

One person who called out other athletes who show their disdain for the United States was Megyn Kelly. She blasted the likes of Megan Rapinoe who is known for not singing the National Anthem as a way of protesting racial inequality in the United States.

Rapinoe was tagged online by Riley Gaines. She suggested the retired soccer player should “take notes” from the team. .

The footage of the team singing the anthem was also shared by Gov. Greg Abbott who wrote “America” on social media.

It’s a nice story when we have become accustomed to the ugly ones with ungrateful athletes. Spoiled athletes who are pampered and accommodated to the hilt and then turn around and trash the country they represent in sports grows old quickly. Sports fans aren’t interested in the politics that seep into sports. Sports competitions bring everyone together as fans and that’s a good thing. Leave the other stuff off the field.

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