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UN Human Rights Rapporteur on Violence Against Women Blasts WHO Gender Committee – HotAir

“Blasts” may sound strong since Reem Alsalem is oh-so diplomatic. Still, there is no doubt that she has come out swinging against the World Health Organization and its attempt to jam alphabet ideology down the throat of the world’s medical profession.

Ms Alsalem is the “United Nations Special Rapporteur on violence against women and girls, its causes and consequences,” which is quite a mouthful of a title. But it boils down to being the point person in the United Nations Human Rights Commission focused on violence against women and girls.

And she is very, very unhappy with the World Health Organization, which is currently trying to push through an activist-created agenda to set world standards for gender-based health care. In fact, she is just plain unhappy with how the alphabet mafia has been attacking women’s rights in the name of gender-bending. She had made clear her opposition to the Scottish National Party’s Gender ID laws–you know, the one that led to the ouster of Nikola Sturgeon after she started putting male sex offenders in women’s prisons.

Now she is turning her ire at Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the current head of the World Health Organization and transnational tyrant.

At issue is the formation of a committee to develop WHO guidelines on transgender “care,” the formation of which has followed an unusual (and unusually opaque) process that not coincidentally created a group in which all the members are hard-core alphabet ideologists.

The committee called a “guidelines development group,” was basically created by activist groups to platform activists who are committed not just to trans every kid they can, but open up women’s spaces to all comers. As Ms Alsalem points out in her letter to Dr. Tyrant, the group’s formation violated all the rules the WHO set up to ensure that the group would be balanced, without conflicts of interest, and have been formed with public input.

My first concern is that the composition of the development group ((GDG) for the guidelines2 , as currently announced, has significant unmanaged conflicts of interest. According to Chapter 6 of the Handbook for guideline development, conflicts of interest (COI) management, including intellectual COIs, is key to producing a credible and unbiased guideline. The majority of the GDG clearly have strong, one-sided views in favor of promoting hormonal gender transition and legal recognition of self-asserted gender. Of the 21 announced GDG members, not one appears to represent a voice of caution for medicalizing youth with gender dysphoria or the protection of female only spaces. It appears that the process for this guideline development began in 2021, yet the first official WHO announcement of this is dated the end of June 2023.3 By then, the GDG was already 75% formed, and the public was given a mere 2 weeks to comment (once again falling over a typical holiday period). The current WHO announcement acknowledges that GDG recruitment was handled through private invitations: “members of the GDG for this guideline were chosen by WHO technical staff among researchers with relevant technical expertise, among end-users (program managers and health workers) and among representatives of trans and gender diverse community organizations.” It is clear that several transgender advocacy organizations were directly solicited. Global Action for Trans Equality (GATE) for example, had announced in its 2022 annual report4 they participated in the “kick-off” call with WHO.

In other words, the deck was stacked from the beginning. The decision to form the group was done in secret, most of the members were chosen before anybody had a clue the group would exist, and the public was given almost no ability to make comment on the choices. And those choices were very biased.

Other than that, it was a great process.

At the same time, stakeholders whose views differ from those held by transgender activist organizations do not appear to have been invited. Such stakeholders include experts from European public health authorities who have taken the lead on developing an evidence-based, and consequently, cautious, approach to youth gender transitions (e.g., England, Sweden, and Finland); experts in adolescent development and autism; gays and lesbian organizations. The GDG also lacks other vital stakeholders’ voices, such as those of patients harmed by the expanded access to hormones (including trans-identified individuals and detransitioners) as well as parents of youth with post-pubertal onset of gender dysphoria. These omissions are significant, as today, the vast majority of individuals contacting gender- related services worldwide are now adolescents and young adults who had no prior history of gender-related distress, and whose gender dysphoria appeared only after puberty in the context of complex mental illness and neurodiverse diagnoses. Many are also same-sex attracted. While experts worldwide have not developed a consensus regarding this phenomenon, which began to emerge only around 2015, a growing number of public health authorities are deeply concerned with the proven harms of medical “genderinclusive care” for those persons that wish to acquire identity or expression that is different from the gender and sex that they were observed with at birth.

The “working group” wound up looking like this because the WHO outsourced the creation of it to the activist groups, who got to choose the representatives.

What do these members look like? Here is one of them:

The Post-Millenial has a nice summary of the working group:

The World Health Organization has just appointed a Canadian, trans, criminal law professor and author of “Gender/Fucking: The Pleasures and Politics of Living in a Gendered Body” to the group developing guidelines on “the health of trans and gender diverse people,” Florence Ashley. Ashley’s pronouns are “they, them, that, bitch.”

Of the 21 members of the new group, at least half are trans. Others are affiliated with WPATH, and still others have “pioneered” medical sex changes, womb transplants, or child sex changes. The group includes two former presidents of WPATH, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, which in their latest guidelines stated there should be no age-limit on sex changes for minors.

You can see why a person focused on ensuring the human rights of women might be just a tad concerned about how the WHO is creating worldwide standards not only for gender care but also the laws that determine the privacy rights of natural women. This group is likely to produce guidelines at least as shocking as the Scottish laws that put male rapists in women’s prisons and perhaps even more perverse standards that are meant to guide every country in the world.

Not that they would–only Western countries would be stupid enough actually to follow such guidelines.

If you don’t yet understand how utterly captured the transnational elite is by radical ideology, you need to do more reading. Things are far worse than you can possibly imagine.

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