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UN Women Prefers Men, Thank You – HotAir

UN Women, the group that couldn’t find it in its heart to condemn Hamas’ rape and murder of Jewish women for over 2 months, is just not that into people born into female bodies.

That explains their embrace of sexual abusers in the Middle East, and it also explains why their UK “Champion” for women is a male who cosplays as a woman.

Seventeen women’s groups in the UK are fed up with the charade, and are striking back at the fake female empowerment group that represents the transnational elite, and not normal people.

There really is nothing to like about this particular “champion” of women. He has derided women’s bodies, attacked all White people as racists, and apparently was chatting inappropriately with minors on Twitter, losing him a relationship with a child protection group to which he had attached himself.

He is, in other words, a creep.

But he is a transgender creep, and that makes him a perfect representative of UN Women, which is why they chose him.

17 women’s organisations in the UK have penned a letter to a UN committee expressing “dismay and disappointment” after a biological male was appointed as a ‘Champion’ of UN Women’s UK.

Last month UN Women’s UK which says its “mission” is to “ensure that every woman and girl has access to safety, choice, and a voice” appointed male trans activist Munroe Bergdorf as its ambassador.

The groups which include Fair Play for Women, Sex Matters, Transgender Trend and the Women’s Rights Network said it was “disappointing to see the UK committee go so far as to select a male to represent women” adding that the foundation’s credibility is “in tatters”.

Calling Bergdorf “a male who presents in a highly sexualised stereotype of womanhood” the letter said that despite there being 33 million women in the UK, every one of them had been “ignored” and a man chosen.

It also accused Bergdorf of having “objected to women making references” to female bodies and also of being “dropped” from charity Childline allegedly because of “inappropriate messages which were counter to safeguarding norms.”

It further stated that he had resigned as an adviser on LGBT+ to the UK Labour Party after previous “homophobic and racist posts on social media were revealed”.

These, it said, included posts saying “all white people” are “violent racists” and “fuck you, stupid dirty and smelly nigga” while also accusing him of engaging in “homophobic messaging” and the use of expressions such as “faggot”, “old poof”, “hairy barren lesbian” and “barren…hairy dyke”.

The organizations span the ideological spectrum, united only by one thing: they think that men shouldn’t be forcing themselves into women’s spaces and that elite groups like the United Nations shouldn’t be helping them do so.

UN Women hasn’t covered itself in glory in recent months (if ever). Its leadership is filled with antisemites, and it has been campaigning for “trans-inclusion,” including pushing the idea that “trans lesbians are lesbians,” as if this should be a cause for which the cultural power of the United Nations should expend energy.

This message is particularly important because lesbians are being canceled for refusing to date men pretending to be women. They have been kicked off dating apps, kicked out of dating clubs, and shamed online for having “genital preferences.” It’s good to know that UN Women is on the side of the men in these disputes.

UN Women had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find this freak and elevate him above all women. A racist, misogynist, perhaps pedophilic activist is exactly the type of person the UN thinks should be front and center in the fight for women’s rights.

Munroe Bergdorf is to women’s rights as Claudine Gay is to academic integrity.

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