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US Travelers Fed Up With Preferential Treatment for Migrants – HotAir

The busy holiday travel season brought with it significant unrest among US citizens forced to go through major airports. By this point, most of us have grown used to the long TSA lines and the rigid protocols that must be followed if we are to be allowed to board a plane. Even after you’ve been forced to throw away your shampoo and other bottles with “too many ounces” of liquid in them, removing your shoes and your belt, and the rest of the ritual requirements, you’ll still need to show an acceptable form of ID (preferably two). But signs being posted at many airports reveal that not everyone has to follow those rules. Newly arrived illegal migrants are not only exempt from many of the rules above and are allowed to fly for free, but they don’t even have to show an ID if they don’t have one. And this has some citizens seeing red. (NY Post)

American travelers are outraged by signs appearing at US airports appearing to allow migrants onto flights without showing proper identification.

US citizens traveling domestically have to show a valid identification card or a passport to board a plane, but signs at certain airports say there are different rules for some newly arrived migrants.

The signs claim the Transport Security Administration is working with Customs and Border Protection to “validate adult non-US citizen travel documentation when the traveler does not otherwise have an acceptable form of identification.”

The biggest beneficiaries of these new policies are the migrants who arrived at our borders using the government’s CBP One app. Displaying that app ensures that they will be immediately released after being given a court date sometime in the 2050s (I’m exaggerating, of course, but not by a lot) and offered a free flight to the US city of their choice. And now, in many cases, they can use the app as a substitute for an acceptable form of ID and effectively bypass TSA. Officers will even rush to assist them with the process.

Have you, as a citizen or legal resident, ever shown up at an airport only to realize that you left your ID at home? Did anyone “rush” to help you? Would you be allowed to just skip the TSA check and board the plane anyway? Of course not. You would be sent back home even if it meant missing your flight. But the old rules apparently don’t apply to Joe Biden’s army of eight to ten million illegal migrants.

What’s the purpose of having TSA at this point? We’re talking about people who came here uninvited and the first thing they did upon arriving was to violate our laws. Most of them undergo very little vetting, assuming they are vetted at all. Many have been found to discard whatever ID they might have had before contacting the Border Patrol. Why would you do that unless you were attempting to conceal your identity?

And who are these people who are allowed to bypass TSA? Last year alone we found hundreds of people on the terrorist watch list and no-fly lists crossing the border. And those were just the ones we managed to stop and identify. Meanwhile, you, as a citizen, can find yourself on the no-fly list and be permanently grounded if you attended a Latin-language Catholic mass or ordered something from Bass Pro Shops. You’ll wind up taking the bus while legitimate potential terrorists are being shown to their seats on the plane at no charge.

I’m still holding my breath in the apprehension of the day that one or more of these migrants answers the call to jihad and launches an attack here in the United States. The policies of the current White House administration appear to be making it as easy as possible for them to do so. And if it happens, the blood will be on their hands just as fully as on the hands of the terrorists.

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