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Get it?

OK, I am still not Beege regarding headlines, but I am trying to improve.

You may have noticed that there has been a lot of bitching in the MSM and from Democrats about Trump using the term “vermin.” This proves even more clearly that Trump is Hitlerian, we are told.

Before I get into why this is so absurd as to be laughable, let me state the obvious: in healthy polities major political figures don’t often use terms like “vermin” to describe people, and the fact that the term is getting thrown around a lot these days is just one more sign of how degenerate our politics have become.

That’s not exactly breaking news, though. So spare me the lectures about Hitler and Trump.

Donald Trump gave a Veterans’ Day speech late last year, with a provocative quote. “We pledge to you that we will root out the communists, Marxists, fascists and the radical left thugs that live like vermin within the confines of our country,” he said, adding that these vermin “lie and steal and cheat on elections.”

Instant Scanners-style displays of exploding-media-heads ensued:

Trump calls political enemies ‘vermin,’ echoing dictators Hitler, Mussolini,” wrote the Washington Post in a typical treatment. Added NPR: Why Trump’s authoritarian language about ‘vermin’ matters. After Calling Foes ‘Vermin,’ Trump Campaign Warns Its Critics Will Be ‘Crushed’ was the New York Times take, in a bit of a double-whammy (stay tuned to this space to see why). “It’s Official: With “Vermin,” Trump Is Now Using Straight-up Nazi Talk” from the New Republic and “Trump Compares Political Foes To ‘Vermin’ On Veterans Day—Echoing Nazi Propaganda” from Forbes were also much circulated.

Within a day, Biden spokesperson Ammar Moussa put out a statement:

On a weekend when most Americans were honoring our nation’s heroes, Donald Trump parroted the autocratic language of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini — two dictators many U.S. veterans gave their lives fighting, in order to defeat exactly the kind of un-American ideas Trump now champions.

Now watch this video put together by Matt Orfalea, which makes it perfectly clear that if Trump’s use of the term “vermin” once or twice is a sign of impending fascist doom, then the Democrats took us over that particular line quite a while ago.

Whoops. As Orfalea vividly makes clear, Democrats have been hurling around the terms “vermin” and “rats” at Donald Trump for years.

Not that this should surprise you. Liberals have been engaging in Trump assassination porn for quite a while now. Kathy Griffin blew up her career when she posed with a bloody Trump head, Shakespeare in the Park did a version of Julius Ceasar where Trump was murdered in front of the audience, and you can’t spend a day on Twitter without somebody fantasizing about killing Trump or other Republicans.

It’s pretty standard fare these days. The Washington Post has specialized in comparing Republicans to rats, as you can see in the video.

We are far past the point where the term “hypocrisy” fits what the MSM and the Democrats do; they have crossed into the “lying dog-faced pony soldier” territory and out the other side. They are utterly indifferent to whether what they say makes sense as long as they feel they have made their point.

And the point is that Trump is Hitler.

Bizarrely–and I have used this to great effect in an argument or two with liberal friends–the fact that Trump was president for a term and none of the parade of horribles that Trump was to bring actually came about has not gone completely unnoticed by many people. Instead, many of the things Republicans warned would happen under Biden have turned out to be true. America is much worse off today than when Trump was president.

For God’s sake, Snoop Dog is thinking of endorsing Trump, and many rappers have begun to do so. Black Americans can see just how bad Biden is, and I guarantee you that a drop in Black support for Biden will have more effect on the election than Taylor Swift endorsing Biden.

Trump may be many things, but he is not Hitler. He didn’t even go after his most vociferous political opponents, while Biden is busy trying to put Trump in jail, sic the FBI after Trump supporters, and has been censoring his critics online.

If I were to descend to the level of The Washington Post–which I surely never will do–I would call Biden a rat.

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