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VA Reportedly Diverting Veterans’ Resources to Illegals – PJ Media

A recent report says that Biden’s Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is redirecting resources to provide illegal aliens healthcare.

ACT for America reported that U.S. Rep. Mike Bost, Chairman of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, introduced the “No VA Resources for Illegal Aliens Act” in response to the report about VA resources going to illegal migrants. ACT for America chair Brigitte Gabriel posted on Twitter/X Dec. 26 that the healthcare for illegals has caused “a severe breakdown in services” for veterans. “While Veteran Affairs can’t figure out how to get our poor homeless veterans off the streets, they are quick to divert critical tax-payer-funded support to illegal aliens! Who authorized this?” Gabriel asked. She urged Congress to act to protect our veterans and to hold officials accountable.

ACT for America blamed the VA resources diversion on the “failed” border policies of Joe Biden and his administration. “Chairman Bost emphasizes that diverting funds from veterans is a betrayal, demanding answers from the administration and vowing to prioritize veterans’ needs,” ACT for America stated.

The legislation, also introduced by U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville, seeks to ensure that the VA focuses on meeting the healthcare needs of American veterans, rather than aiding illegal migrants. This revelation underscores the urgent need to address the impact of immigration policies on essential services for those who have served their country.

More illegal aliens are pouring over the border every day, including an unknown number of criminals, gang members, terrorists, and foreign agents (including a potential invasion of Chinese Communists). Center for Immigration Studies’ (CIS) Todd Bensman previously emphasized just how much American taxpayer resources are sucked up in taking care of illegals. Illegal migration creates a financial burden for cities (and thus taxpayers), drains government resources, and overloads the school system, among other issues. Not to mention, illegals commit hundreds of thousands of crimes that should never have happened, because the perpetrators shouldn’t be here. In fact, many states do not even track illegal migrant crime because they don’t want the truth to leak out about how dangerous illegal migration is for American citizens.

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The VA has come under fire for not adequately caring for veterans for years. Now that crisis will only worsen, if the ever-swelling flood of illegal aliens receives the already insufficient VA resources instead of our brave veterans. The military sacrifices to keep us free, and the Biden administration gives veterans’ benefits away for free. It’s completely shameful — just like everything the Biden administration does.

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