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We Need Illegals to Do Menial Tasks – HotAir

I hate to repeat the by-now tired observation that Democrats are racists, but I will anyway.

It’s Friday. The workweek is almost done, and it’s always fun to point out the hypocrisy of Leftists.

The latest example of unintentional humor is Jerry Nadler’s unintentionally hilarious excuse for why the United States needs to import several million illegal immigrants a year: They make great menial laborers. Without illegals, vegetables would rot in the fields.

And, if I were Nadler, I would steer the topic off of food.

This is actually a common assertion of Democrats, who generally know about as much about agriculture as I know about performing brain surgery. Nancy Pelosi has made this same assertion, and I do have to admit that she knows a bit about viniculture, although I do wonder if admitting that you employ illegal immigrants to do work for you is a smart move.

It is still illegal to do that, I think. Not that Democrats care about such things unless a Republican does it. Then, it is a scandal.

No doubt, a lot of crops are picked by illegal aliens, although over the years, there has been a lot of automation, even in the fruit and vegetable world. What seems implausible to me is an assertion that the US needed 8-12 million new illegal immigrants to pick our crops, or that the only people who can pick them are brown people.

Only 1.6 million Americans work in agriculture, suggesting that an additional 12 million currently flooding our cities are unlikely to find work on the nation’s farms.

I picked corn during college. It paid well ($12/hr in 1983), although the work was very cold, even in June.

One of my favorite racist tropes that liberals love to trot out is the need for illegal immigrants to clean toilets.

I don’t know about you, but I think that if one of your major complaints about Western culture is that it elevates White privilege, you might want to avoid trotting out the argument that America needs more maids, nannies, and restaurant kitchen workers.

Not that there is anything shameful about those jobs per se, but it’s clear that the idea is that Latinos should be doing the work that slaves did back in the olden days. I think of them as a first step on the economic ladder and not a dead-end job for the slave-replacements that Democrats seem to see immigrants as.

The contempt with which Leftists treat anybody from the working class is so evident that it hardly bears noting. This is why the Democrats have increasingly relied on the monied and credentialed class to win elections.

Of course, Nadler’s other point seems to be that we need illegal immigrants to replace natal Americans because we don’t breed enough, which is an odd argument if you want to refute the Great Replacement theory.

Democrats either don’t know or don’t care what they sound like when they speak like this. They are utterly confident that whatever they say the MSM will clean up their flubs.

The sad thing is that they are right. Except for a few of us who still think independently.

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