What’s next for our racist countryside?

AS TCW  has reported, Wildlife and Countryside Link, a charity umbrella group whose members include the RSPCA, Rewilding Britain, WWF and the National Trust, have claimed that the British countryside is a ‘racist and colonial’ white space where people of colour are often framed as ‘out of place’.

TCW has seen a draft version of proposed demands to encourage more ethnic minorities to visit the countryside:

Provision of government-funded countryside mosques and temples to ensure that people of all faiths have easy access to places of worship. All signposts must indicate the direction of Mecca.

Abolition of stiles to ensure that all footpaths are burka and robe friendly.

Relocation of pig sties, to be moved at least one mile from any right of way.

Signs that read ‘Non whites and Irish Unwelcome’, ‘This Footpath is for Whites Only’ and ‘People of Colour Keep Out’ to be banned.

Reserved car parking spaces for people of colour at National Trust and English Heritage properties. 

The Countryside Code and all signage must be written in various languages including Urdu, Swahili, Farsi, Welsh etc.

Banning of re-enactments of colonial skirmishes which are believed to take place in glades during the summer months.

Outlawing of Ramblers and U3A walking groups who hog benches for their coffee stops to talk incessantly about white supremacy and the need to introduce apartheid in the UK.

Demolition of all country houses which were built with the proceeds of colonial trade.

Renaming of plants which may cause offence such as pansies, blackberry and blackthorn. 

Repeal of the law which allows farmers to shoot illegal immigrants without warning.

All ‘Ye Olde English Tea Shoppes’ must provide halal meat or serve only vegetarian ‘fayre’.

Beatrix Potter books to be rewritten to incorporate more diverse characters, e.g. The Tale of Mr Ibrahim FisherThe Tale of Ngozi Puddle DuckThe Tale of Tao Kitten, etc.


The salaries of the chief executives of leading charities are notoriously difficult to find. However, in 2021-22 Hilary McGrady of the National Trust was paid £199,614. Tanya Steele of WWF UK was paid £137,714 in 2019.

In the same year, Chris Sherwood of the RSPCA was on a salary of £150,000. 

Richard Benwell, the chief executive of Wildlife and Countryside Link, is a former government adviser and Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate. His salary is not traceable.

PS: The WCL team . . . spot the diversity.

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