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Winter Weather Conditions Lead To A Storm Of Arrests In Memphis

Image Credit: Shelby County Sheriff’s Office & StormChasingVideo.com / Facebook

The Tennessee Conservative Staff –

The frigid temperatures and snow may not be a total deterrent for criminals, but they seem to be making it a little easier for the police to track them down.

There are at least three reported cases where Memphis police have been able to take advantage of the winter weather.

Authorities said 20-year-old Demarkus Davis, who was charged with the rape of a child, escaped from an officer’s car near 201 Poplar. Davis spent about 45 minutes in the winter storm before asking a civilian to call and turn him back in. He was picked up on Madison Avenue, still wearing shackles.

Police were able to follow footprints left in the snow to apprehend 22-year-old Rodricuz Partee and 20-year-old Chardarius Baskerville after they broke into an Ulta Store on North Germantown Parkway earlier Sunday morning.

The two broke out a store window and left with $4,000 worth of skincare and makeup, but they also left footprints as they traipsed through the snow. Officers recovered the pair, along with a suitcase full of the stolen items, still in the shopping center parking lot.

The snow also captured footprints that helped officers catch a man in connection with a car that had been stolen in December.

In the early morning hours on Monday, officers observed two men trying to break into an air machine at a Valero gas station in Raleigh. 

Officers reported they arrested 45-year-old Randall Marra and also found his snowy footprints inside a stolen Honda nearby. 

Three of the four men arrested still remain behind bars. Davis is being held on a $76,000 bond. 

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