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Wowzer! Nikki Haley Stepped in It Again and Iowa Voters Won’t Like It – HotAir

Whoops, she did it again. Nikki Haley made another unfortunate statement during a campaign event in New Hampshire.

What is it with her and New Hampshire? This time it wasn’t a question about the Civil War (that she completely botched). No. This time it was a very cocky Nikki Haley telling a group of New Hampshire voters that she trusts them. She told them that Iowa caucuses first, then New Hampshire’s primary “corrects” Iowa voters, then South Carolina “brings it home.”

“You know that Iowa starts it, you know you correct it, and then my sweet state of South Carolina brings it home.” I don’t think Iowa voters will be thrilled to be mocked by Nikki Haley. Yikes! What does she think will need “correcting”, a Trump win or a DeSantis win in Iowa? What if she pulls out a miracle and wins Iowa? She has put a lot of energy into New Hampshire. Would a win in New Hampshire “correct” her win in Iowa?

That kind of remark isn’t just something she would say on the fly. She had to have practiced that. She’s appealing to voters before their primary. Why did she think it was a good idea to mock Iowans as lesser than New Hampshire voters? Maybe she has just given up on winning in Iowa.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has endorsed Ron DeSantis. She was not amused.

Reynolds is very popular in Iowa. Haley got the endorsement of New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu. I wonder if he is having second thoughts about that endorsement. Did you see his face when Haley botched the Civil War question? He was sitting on stage behind her and his face showed his shock that she didn’t just say, “slavery.” I wonder what he looked like when he heard this nonsense.

Nikki Haley is a smart woman. She’s savvy, having served in the South Carolina legislature, as governor, and as U.N. ambassador to the U.N. She knows better than to come off as some kind of snob. She certainly shouldn’t be pitting one state’s voters against another’s, especially when they are all voting in the same party’s primaries. It was a mistake that she should have avoided. It shows a lack of judgement. Maybe it is because she is the new darling with legacy media. They are pushing her as on the move in polls. Legacy media and cable news are not fans of Trump but they are worried about DeSantis so they are embracing the rise of Haley. Trump has most of Fox cheerleading for him, especially with the hiring of Kellyanne Conway as a FNC contributor. Just today, Kellyanne was snarking against DeSantis, saying he’s living in Iowa instead of Florida.

A few days ago, a nine-year-old boy called Haley a flip-flopper during a town hall in New Hampshire. I’m not a fan of letting precocious children take an adult’s slot to ask a question at a political event, but, there you go. She is currently calling DeSantis ads against her as all lies.

It’s getting real in primary season. It’s just beginning. It’s a shame it is devolving now. The not-Trump candidates should have come together behind one of them to go up against Trump. Did Republicans not learn anything from 2015-2016? I know everyone has a right to continue as long as they wish, or can afford to do, but sometimes common sense has to win the day. Buckle up. It’s getting bumpy out there.

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