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Yet Another Trans Shooter – HotAir

Once is an event. Twice may be a coincidence. Three times is a pattern. Four? Five? Six?

At what point does it become a trend?

We are now at the “it’s a trend” stage.

We still don’t know much about the shooting, and early reports are usually unreliable. But the evidence is mounting that the shooting in Perry, Iowa, was perpetrated by a mentally ill boy who identified as “genderfluid,” was an LGBTQ+ activist, and pushed alphabet ideology.

2023 seemed to be the year for transgender shooters, and it looks like 2024 may continue the trend.

Given that there isn’t a lot of evidence that I am aware of that transgender-identifying people have in the past been particularly prone to shooting large numbers of people, we have to ask, “What has changed?”

And I think the answer is obvious: a lot of things have changed over the past couple of years, and they have all been pushed by the Left.

Transgender-identifying people have exploded in number, the Left has been pushing transgender ideology on society, mental illness has been reclassified as “neurodiversity,” and a victimhood mentality and narrative of “cisgender” people being oppressors has permeated our educational institutions.

The rise in violence directed at “cisgender” people by “transgender” people has exactly correlated with the emergence and dominance of alphabet ideology. The very fact that such violence was nearly unheard of until the push for embracing transgenderism demonstrates that having done so has made transgender people less happy, not happier, and certainly more alienated from their fellows than before this massive social change.

There is likely a tiny percentage of people who have genuine gender dysphoria. Still, the huge increase in the number claiming they do demonstrates that we are creating out of whole cloth a generation of people who used just to be going through a phase into an entire class of permanently disaffected kids.

The old “goths” who were searching for their place in the universe are now angry, feeling oppressed, have been told to direct their anger at society as a whole, and in many cases (though not all), pumped full of hormones or puberty blockers that make them worse off.

What they need is counseling, not ideological propaganda and a bunch of adults telling them that society hates them. And that is what alphabet ideology does: tell kids that they are targets of the larger society.

Toss in the whole “days of vengeance,” and what do you expect?

Vengeance, perhaps?

“Those people over there are ruining your life. Get vengeance!”

Alphabet ideology is the “civil rights issue of our times,” and it is killing people. Just as “defund the police” has done. That, too, is about “civil rights,” and thousands of people are dead because of it, and our major cities are being destroyed.

The Left kills everything it touches.

You can’t take a difficult, complicated issue, boil it down to a simple message that “Those people over there are trying to kill you,” and not expect bad things to happen.

Expect this trend to continue and get worse because the people in power will push for even more “acceptance” of transgenderism and hence even less mental health treatment for people who are so obviously suffering from severe mental illness. In a growing number of states, it is now illegal to use counseling to help students who claim to be “transgender.”

No doubt this story will disappear quickly because it violates The Narrative™, but not before the shooter is turned into a victim.

God help us all.

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