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You and I Live in a Different Universe Than Democrats – HotAir

To a certain extent, everybody in the modern world lives in a bubble. With so many choices in the infosphere it is at least somewhat possible to hear and read what you want to, and never be exposed to what people outside your bubble think.

It is, however, pretty difficult for conservatives to completely avoid what liberals are saying–90% plus of the cultural output in our country–entertainment, news, the magazines at the checkout line, celebrities…pretty much everything is produced by liberals or Leftists, so most of us have a pretty good idea what liberals think.

This is why study after study shows that conservatives have a more accurate view of the world than liberals–they generally get their information from more diverse sources and hence get at least a somewhat more rounded view of the world. Sure, some people only read Reddit threads or watch Fox, but the vast majority of conservatives actually have a pretty good idea of what liberals think because we can’t avoid hearing about it.

I have written about this phenomenon before, and it’s not just my impression. The Skeptic Research Center has done several studies on how accurate perceptions of the world are, and their findings are robust: the more you trust the media, the less accurate your view of the world; the more liberal you are, the less you understand your political opponents and the less likely your perception of the real state of the world is correct.

From this data, I don’t assume that conservatives are any smarter or more likely to have the correct policy positions–the former proposition is almost certainly not true, and the latter is my personal belief but not proven by this particular evidence. Conservatives have made some disastrous policy choices over the years, too. Iraq, anyone?

What I am certain of is that liberals are much more likely to exist in an artificial bubble because it is difficult not to live in a liberal bubble. Unless you seek out divergent viewpoints, you will likely never see them if you are a liberal. Read the New York Times or the WaPo, catch the nightly news, and watch a late-night TV show. A consistent narrative is pushed at you, and any divergent information you see seems insane.

This is how you get idiocy like this:

In liberals’ minds, Trump is self-evidently a fascist. The media tells them so. The president tells them so. Their political representatives tell them so. Their friends tell them so.

The simple fact that Trump was president for a term and followed the courts’ orders–unlike, say, Joe Biden–didn’t persecute his political opponents, didn’t shut down the MSM, didn’t prosecute his political enemies, or try to throw anybody off the ballot. None of that matters at all.

Trump may be many things, but the only thing that reminds me of a fascist about him is his rather weird gestures. His gestures look like Mussolini’s to me. But then again, our “preserve democracy” president is doing all those fascist-like things and giving speeches with backdrops like this, and to the Left he seems to be a warm and fuzzy (pedophilic) uncle.

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

I do know conservatives who live in a bubble, and it is a very unhealthy thing. But for most of us, it is almost impossible to accomplish because we have to work and be exposed to the miasma of Leftist propaganda. I guarantee you that the average Leftist doesn’t read conservative media at all, and dismisses anything we say as propaganda.

This is why the Left engages in all these moral panics or keeps buying what to you and me seems like ridiculous propaganda. It is all they hear. It’s not that they are stupid–some of the smartest people I know think that there are hunting parties out right now killing transgender people every day–it’s that they live in a world where the propaganda is unrelenting and unchallenged.

As many of you know, I am more a critic than an admirer of Trump. He was a good president until 2020 and COVID, but his personality grates and he is terrible at hiring people. I could provide a long list of things I dislike about him.

But he is no threat to the country or democracy. He did more to get the US back on track in 3 years than any president since Reagan. That is a huge compliment from me.

But for the Left, all they see is what the media wants them to see. Trump is a threat. A fascist. An insurrectionist. Whatever.

And it’s all because they live in an alternate universe where White Supremacists hunt Blacks and gays, and Leftists are saving lives by sterilizing and mutilating children.

It’s a dark and scary universe they live in, and they are trying to drag us into it with them.

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