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You Need to Drop Those Gun Charges – HotAir

This week, Hunter Biden was back in court again, where he seems to spend most of his time these days. This time the arguments being presented dealt with the gun charges he faces in Delaware. Hunter’s Attorney, Abbe Lowell asked a federal judge to simply dismiss the charges against his client, claiming that they are politically motivated and that key evidence in the case has been mishandled. Prosecutors quickly countered that the evidence against Hunter is “overwhelming” and that the charges were brought “in spite of, not because of” political pressure. The judge is expected to rule on the request this week.

Hunter Biden again asked a judge to dismiss the federal gun case against him on Tuesday, arguing it is politically motivated and key evidence was tested after charges were filed.

Cocaine residue found on the pouch the president’s son used to hold his gun was only identified last year, after a scuttled plea deal and subsequent indictment, Hunter Biden’s defense attorney said in court documents.

The pouch was originally found in a trash can and not tested for fingerprints or to determine how long the residue had been there, defense attorney Abbe Lowell wrote. It had been in police evidence storage since 2018, and testing it last year to bolster the case is “‘clear evidence’ of selective prosecution,” Lowell argued.

In every interview I see with legal analysts who are covering Hunter’s travails, they all seem to insist that Abbe Lowell is one of the best defense attorneys in the business. Not being a lawyer myself, I can’t really speak to that, but this doesn’t seem like a very persuasive argument. He’s saying that the cocaine residue found on the gun holster can’t be definitively traced back to Hunter because it sat in a police evidence locker since 2018. But they aren’t charging him with a drug crime. The crime was buying the gun to begin with and lying on his application.

As to the underlying nature of the charges, I have a brief message for Hunter Biden if anyone would care to pass it along to him. You’ve already admitted to purchasing the gun. You’ve admitted that you were a drug addict at the time. You put it all in your book. You filled out a legally required form claiming you hadn’t had any substance abuse problems. And then you dumped the gun in a trash can near a school where some kid could have found it. There is nothing political about this.

Hunter still seems to feel that he should be able to do as he pleases in life, trusting that Daddy will take care of all of his problems. Sadly, he may still turn out to be correct about that. If the danger of a conviction and possible jail time begins looming too closely, Joe Biden could still start issuing pardons for any federal charges he faces. He would be doing it despite having previously pledged that he wouldn’t pardon his family members for anything, but so what? Joe Biden has lied to the country repeatedly since taking office. Why wouldn’t he lie about this too?

The gun charge should fall into the same legal category as the tax charges. You either purchased the gun or you didn’t. You either paid your taxes or you didn’t. There are clear paper trails for all of this. And they all seem to suggest that convictions against Hunter Biden would be slam-dunk affairs. Is that how it will play out? I wouldn’t bet a plug nickel on that. Nothing with the Biden family is ever as it appears on the surface and there are always unseen actors moving in the background. Trying to hold any part of Biden Inc. accountable is akin to trying to nail jello to a wall. Keep your eyes open for unexpected surprises.

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