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Ever since Hillary Clinton boldly stated that “it takes a village to raise a child,” there has been a debate between those of us who are alarmed at the creeping totalitarianism that has become the default ideology of the Elite and the ordinary people who believe that we are being alarmist when we warn about the dangers that lie ahead.

I have real sympathy for those people; who could believe that people who share our country and presumably share the same value system could be totalitarians in waiting? It sounds like tin-foil-hat stuff to be honest. It’s as crazy as thinking that schools would hide the fact that they are feeding kids pornography, keeping secrets from parents, and bringing perverts into classrooms to promote alphabet ideology and gender-bending.

In other words, when people like me warn about the dangers not just of alphabet ideology but of its invasion into one of the most beloved and trusted institutions in our country–the public school–we are asking them to accept that their common sense view of the world is totally wrong. That isn’t what school was like when we were kids–it may have been boring, our teachers might have been a bit weird, and the quality was a bit lower than expected–but schools weren’t run by insane people.

Well, they are now, as are many of our government institutions.

What lies at the root of the problem? The revolution in morality is tied to a revolution in the relationship between the state and the individual. The people in charge now believe that you–and, more especially, your children–belong to them.

Here is a law professor at William and Mary explaining the concept:

This ideology is the foundation for schools hiding basic facts about children from their parents; it is the ideological underpinning of “transgender sanctuary states;” it is the reason why states are beginning to take children away from their parents over transgender identification. It is the foundation for “Social and Emotional Learning” school curricula.

Yes, we are telling people insane things, but the insanity is not ours–the insanity exists at the highest reaches of society.

Totalitarian states have always targeted the relationship between parents and children because the greatest bulwark against totalitarianism is the family relationship being strong. If parents are the moral educators, then the state is not. This is also why undermining religion is so vital and why totalitarian states create pseudo-religions with alternate traditions.

Go to schools, and you will see the creation of this pseudo-religion everywhere, complete with symbols such as flags, rituals such as mask-wearing, religious figures (drag queens, for instance), saints (Greta Thunberg), and even heaven and hell. “The Earth is Boiling.”

Separating kids from parents as moral guides is the lynchpin of this movement, and it is working, folks. 30% of younger people identify as LGBTQ+. That isn’t genetics–people finally coming out as “who they are.” That is intentional grooming to create a new culture divorced from what has come before.

This begins with parental rights and the grooming of kids in schools. This is why fights over parental rights are among the most important in the coming years. There is a reason those porn books are in schools, and it isn’t to help kids see themselves reflected in literature.

The Communists had a name for this: the new man, and all totalitarian movements have had something similar. It is what drives them–the creation of a wholly new humanity. This version is transhumanism, but functionally it is the same as what the French Revolution tried to create (they even created a new “year zero” and measured time from the revolution’s beginning), what communism aimed at, and what Hitler promoted. Mao’s “cultural revolution” aimed at the same thing, so they needed “reeducation camps.”

Functionally, it is all the same. And we are fighting a version of it here.

If it sounds insane, that’s because it is. But the insanity is not that alarmists like me see it coming, but that our elite has signed onto it as their goal.

Alphabet ideology is a tool to create a generation utterly divorced from what has come before–this is far more important than any sexual agenda they have. However, many pedophiles attach themselves to and take refuge in this movement; the unifying goal that all the elite have signed onto is creating the New Man.

It is evil in the way that all totalitarian movements are evil.

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