2024 Republican primaries

Upon Further Review, I’m Out – HotAir

The only surprise here was that the former UN Ambassador and South Carolina governor didn’t drop out last night. Instead, Nikki Haley encouraged her supporters up to the very last potential poll closing moment out west to go to the polls and keep the momentum alive. Momentum just met reality.  All the networks are reporting […]

DeSantis Could Be My Running Mate – HotAir

Not. Gonna. Happen.   But Donald Trump’s inclusion of Ron DeSantis on his Veepstakes shortlist qualifies as a gracious gesture to promote unity. With the demolition of Nikki Haley scheduled to take place in her home state in Saturday’s South Carolina primary, both Trump and the media have begun looking at the presumed nominee’s next […]

Has the Haley Bailing Begun? – HotAir

Nikki Haley insists that she will stay in the Republican primary race and fight to win her home state in a month. Will she have to go it alone in South Carolina? In the last 24 hours, two of Haley’s billionaire donors have decided to bail on Haley’s campaign — and it’s tough to choose […]

The Primary Is ‘Far From Over’ – HotAir

Narrator: It was over. Nikki Haley ended up eleven points behind Donald Trump in a two-candidate race, in a state that gave the former governor and UN ambassador her best shot at a win. Trump became the first Republican candidate to win both Iowa and New Hampshire in a competitive primary in decades, and won […]

2024 Was Never About Him – HotAir

A few thoughts from the shock … Ron DeSantis’ exit from the 2024 GOP presidential primary contests came as a surprise yesterday … but only in terms of timing. The Republican primary had not really been a question of the direction of the party. Nikki Haley and Chris Christie tried their best to make that […]