Culture Wars

Standing room only at the church that ‘just does the Bible’

WE ARE used to hearing messaging from the woke, secular and now Islamic fundamentalist movements that Christianity is in decline, Islam is on the rise and that both these trends are not reversible.  In a world of harsh rhetoric and relentless negative messages, it is easy to become despondent and pick up this prevailing narrative […]

A month to mourn for the irrelevant C of E

THERE’S little doubt that many within the Church of England hierarchy will be glad to see the back of February. It’s been a disastrous month for them in terms of public relations. It started with criticism of the Church’s role in immigrants’ supposed ‘conversion’ to Christianity. It became clear that the C of E plays […]

UCL cancels eugenicist but not his eugenics

THE label has changed, but the product is the same. University College London (UCL) is as much at the vanguard of Net Zero as it was for the eugenics movement. Describing itself today as ‘London’s global university’, with 51,000 students and £billions in research funding, UCL has considerable influence as an academic centre of climate […]

Sorry, I was kilometres away

WHILE I was reading Frances Ashcroft’s 2001 book Life at the Extremes: The Science of Survival, an oddity struck me: it gives aviation altitudes in metres. A pilot friend confirmed that the entire world uses feet for altitude, as in ‘cruising at thirty thousand feet’. There is an exception: Russia, which uses metres. (Pilots flying there use […]

Don’t worry, young ’uns, it’s OK to be ordinary

ONE of the main reasons the feminist revolution was so successful was the book The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan, widely credited with sparking second-wave feminism in the United States. I have never read it, but I am told it liberated all the American suburban housewives from their miserable existence of looking after a home and husband. […]

Rochdale by-election: A town ignored and now inflamed

ROCHDALE, the former textile manufacturing town now infamous for its grooming gangs, is once again the focus of national attention. The by-election following the death of Labour MP Sir Tony Lloyd that has become marred in a climate of fear, intimidation (including a death threat to one of the candidates) and sectarianism, takes place today[CK1]  among 11 contenders. […]

Arrogant Synod scorns the value of marriage

I WOULD like to think that I am realistic about the low level of Christianity at the Church of England’s General Synod. But even I was shocked at the arrogance with which members voted down an amendment at the February meeting in Westminster to ‘reaffirm the value of marriage, especially when loving, as providing the […]

Will France’s immigration law pass the imam test?

FRANCE’S new immigration law is being tested by the summary deportation to his native Tunisia of an imam who said the French flag was satanic and ‘had no value for Allah’. Mahjoub Mahjoubi was put on a plane home at the speed of light – actually in 12 hours – after being detained on the […]

Climate change doubts that got me cancelled by fellow scientists

TWO years ago the British Hydrological Society, of which I am a member, asked me to write an article for their quarterly journal Circulation. I chose to write about climate change, which is now a fixed part of our national psyche, as is covid, and perhaps not surprisingly, a lot of features are shared. Perhaps the main connection is that both […]

An open letter to MPs: You reap what you sow

FOLLOWING months of deeply distasteful pro-Palestinian protests in London and other UK cities, a hideous outgrowth has metastasised: the harassment of several MPs. This has culminated in the standing down at the next election of Conservative member Mike Freer and now the disgraceful alteration of Parliamentary procedure by Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle in response […]