Donald Trump

The Lone Gunman In American Politics – A Return?

It’s the election “they” say no one wants, the media insist every-day no one is wanting a rerun of Biden and Trump, no one wants 2020 again,  but yet the people still vote for them – Trump and Biden in each of the Primaries, one after the next after the next, impervious to the entreaties […]

Missouri Republican Caucus | The Oligarch Kings

The Missouri Republican Caucus has just been held. Phew! The candidate makes it by the slimmest of margins.  How long before we hear that “Democracy is clearly under threat from deluded people voting wrongly”. No seriously the problem for the Democrats starts in earnest tomorrow with “Super Tuesday”, where voters from Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, […]

Biden, Navalny and Putin | The Oligarch Kings

Joe Biden In 2021, Biden made us all a brave promise. He said he had personally told Putin, in no uncertain terms, that should Navalny die in prison, there would ‘devastating consequences’ for Russia.  He did, no he really did! Then the other day Navalny did indeed die in prison, all of a sudden, and […]

Is It Too Late For Biden To Bail?

For Biden, this Primary season is turning into a disaster.  The voters are not just simply unimpressed by the left dragging “their” candidate through the courts using the legal process to disqualify Trump rather than beating him in an open challenge, and flocked to his banners.  And they were not more impressed by the offers […]

Another State Removes Trump From Ballot – PJ Media

Here we go again. Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows, a Democrat, announced Thursday evening that she is blocking Trump from appearing on the state’s ballot based on false claims that Trump incited an insurrection against the United States. “I am mindful that no Secretary of State has ever […]

How DeSantis Can Be Viable in 2028 – PJ Media

One month ago today, I asked if Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis would remain a viable candidate in 2028 since former President Donald Trump is almost impossible for the other Republican candidates to gain an edge over, and just a few days ago I postulated on what DeSantis could have done to get that edge after […]

About Trump’s Cameo in ‘Home Alone 2’… – HotAir

Home Alone 2 is a popular family-friendly holiday movie. In the sequel to the original Home Alone, Donald Trump made a cameo appearance. The movie was released in 1992. In one scene, the main character, a boy named Kevin, finds himself wandering around the lobby of the Plaza Hotel in NYC. Trump is walking by […]