The Ghosting of Thomas Jefferson ~ The Imaginative Conservative

The sanitizing of Thomas Jefferson has played a role in the crippling of public discourse. Nowadays, anyone who would discuss something so anodyne as political decentralization or states’ rights has to walk on eggshells, lest he find himself attacked and stigmatized by enforcers of political orthodoxy. We should question an American political establishment that obfuscates […]

Stand Your Ground : Hold Fast

.This is important.  I am not being at my flippant best. This is meant as a warning to my American friends of trends gaining traction in the West. This is a post which purists who have enjoyed my ruminations over the years, might think is not one for The Oligarch Kings, the usual posts having […]

Conservative Lawmaker Sounds Alarm On GOP Leadership Efforts To Kill Bills That Protect Tennesseans

Conservative Tennessee State Representative Todd Warner (R-Chapel Hill-District 92) Has Brought Legislation That Aims To Prohibit The FBI From Pulling State Law Enforcement Resources Into Intelligence Operations Targeting Tennesseans They Believe To Be a Threat Due To Their Conservative Values And Beliefs. The passage of what Tennessee grassroots is calling the “FBI Bill” may be […]

The Old Despotism & the New Anarchy ~ The Imaginative Conservative

I. Preliminary Observations A knowledge of history provides a decent understanding of human nature, well-wrought standards of judgment, and the perspective necessary to make vital comparisons with the past that bring the present into sharper focus. In recent years, academics, journalists, and politicians have sounded alarms to signal mounting threats to democracy. I take such […]

🚩 The #1 Thing BIDEN & TNGOP Leadership Have in Common- Protect Tennessee’s Borders RAAAALLY- The Conservative School Choice Debate- Flying Illegal Aliens Into TN- Restoring TN State Sovereignty & Mo’ in The BIG 7!

🚩 The #1 Thing BIDEN & TNGOP Leadership Have in Common • Protect Tennessee’s Borders RAAAALLY • The Conservative School Choice Debate • Flying Illegal Aliens Into TN • Restoring TN State Sovereignty & Mo’ in The BIG 7! Sign up to attend the “Protect Tennessee’s Borders Rally” HERE! Like what we’re doing & want […]