A Conservative Backlash in Ireland – HotAir

In case you missed it, Friday was International Women’s Day, when the world supposedly comes together in support of women’s rights. In Ireland, Prime Minister Leo Varadkar had launched an attempt to “celebrate” the occasion by scheduling a vote on two amendments to his country’s constitution that would ostensibly further the cause of equality for […]

Kellogg CEO Solves High Food Costs for Families

I don’t know that the millionaire CEO of a cereal company telling families struggling to buy groceries to just eat cereal for dinner was the best idea. From the reactions he is getting, I’m not alone in commenting on this crazy talk. The cost of food – buying groceries and eating out – is taking […]

A World in an Old Couch ~ The Imaginative Conservative

Because life often comes at you very fast, the cleaning of a khaki couch, like the cleansing of Augean stables, is a task that often waits for a hero’s journey. Or at least a lot of free time. This trembling period of early Covid insanity was one such time in which I felt both impulses. […]

‘An Honest Journalist Who Truly Cared About Facts’

A Fox News writer and audio anchor died Saturday in New York City. He was 33. Matt Napolitano passed away after what was described as a “brief illness.” “With a heavy heart I have to share that my husband [Matt Napolitano] passed away yesterday morning,” his partner Ricky Whitcomb wrote on the X social media […]