Joe Biden

I Don’t Feel Your Pain – HotAir

        In 1992, Democratic presidential nominee Bill Clinton famously answered a voter question about how the national debt affected him personally. Clinton’s response was often paraphrased as, “I feel your pain.”         Whether Bill was for once being sincere or not, his words resonated.         Now […]

Iran’s Revenge Is … Seizing a Container Ship? – HotAir

Last week, Iran vowed bitter revenge after Israel killed senior IRGC commanders in an attack on their diplomatic facility in Damascus. Israel battened down the hatches and warned Tehran about “escalation,” and the Biden administration moved military assets while warning the mullahs that the US would back Israel to the hilt. Everyone expected some sort […]

A Ban on Freelance Work – HotAir

        The Labor Department just imposed 300 pages of new regulations to reclassify many individual contractors as payroll employees.         CNBC claims this could help freelancers “recover lost wages.”         That’s just nonsense.         The new rules will make it harder for some […]