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U.S. Senator Raises Concerns About Biden Administration’s Border Policies Impacting Elections

Recent poll shows Americans overwhelmingly oppose noncitizens voting. Image Credit: canva By Bethany Blankley [The Center Square contributor] – At a U.S. Senate Appropriations hearing on the Department of Homeland Security’s fiscal 2025 budget request for more than $107 billion, one senator raised concerns about DHS policies impacting U.S. elections. Sen. John Kennedy, R-Louisiana, asked […]

Biden Border Policy Enabled Smuggling Kids for Kiddie P*rn – HotAir

We keep hearing about “unaccompanied minors” who cross the border into the United States.  Ever wonder why they are unaccompanied or what happens to them once they enter the US? Well, the answers aren’t pretty.  Prosecutors say Mr. Garcia launched the scheme in May 2021, just as the Biden administration unleashed a flood of illegal […]

The Many Ways A Porous Border Means Crime Without Boundaries

Image: Six Mexican nationals who reportedly entered the country illegally were apprehended in Webb County, Texas. Image Credit: Texas Department of Public Safety YouTube page By James Varney & Abigail Degnan | RealClearWire via The Center Square – When President Joe Biden’s supporters attacked him for describing the man who allegedly murdered Georgia co-ed Laken […]

Democrats Abandoning Biden Over Border Crisis – HotAir

If you watch Fox News on any given evening, you are probably aware that the situation on the southern border is not getting any better. (Of course, if you get all of your news from CNN or MSDNC you probably think everything is fine.) The problem is arguably getting worse, except in parts of Texas […]

Border Security Chief Sends up a Flare

U.S. Border Patrol chief Jason Owens was interviewed on CBS Sunday. It was his first interview since he assumed the position in June 2023.  Owens has more than 25 years with the Border Patrol. He took over the top spot following the retirement of Raul Ortiz. At that time, the DHS Secretary described Owens as […]

What Happened to Biden’s Border Plan? – HotAir

Politico has a follow up on something which seems pretty strange in retrospect. Just a few months ago, the Biden administration was leaking to the media that it was about to crack down on illegal immigration. Specifically, we were told there might be an executive order coming intended to limit the surge of asylum seekers. […]