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Senate Dems Block Aid to Israel AGAIN – HotAir

Hamas is still holding a significant number of Israeli citizens hostage (not to mention several Americans) after months in captivity. But last night, Chuck Schumer and every Senate Democrat decided to hold the entire nation of Israel hostage. Barely 72 hours after Iran hammered Israel with hundreds of drones and missiles, the Democrats voted to […]

John Kirby Blames Trump for Iran’s Attack on Israel – HotAir

It’s no surprise that the Biden administration blames former President Trump for Iran’s attack on Israel over the weekend. Biden and his minions blame Trump for everything.  That’s not hyperbole, that’s their record. Look at any issue that reflects poorly on the Biden administration – there are many – and the first response is to […]

Israel goes out of its way to avoid civilian casualties

OBLIVIOUS to the threat Israel is under, no longer just from terrorist  Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) combat troops in Gaza,  Hezbollah in Lebanon and Palestinian terrorist forces in the West Bank, but also now direct ballistic attack from Iran, the pearl-clutching commentariat and our cowardly elites insist that Israel is not doing enough to avoid civilian casualties in […]