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Chinese Spy Balloon Got a Big Helping Hand from US Company While Transiting America: Report

A new report has revealed that China used a U.S. internet service provider in January and February to transmit the data from its spy balloon back to Chinese spymasters as it flew across the length of the United States without opposition from the Biden administration.

The report from NBC News did not name the internet service company, saying it had “to protect the identity of its sources.” But it did note that the company has denied that the spy balloon used its network to communicate with China while the balloon flew across the U.S., gathering data on sensitive military sites.

Indeed, according to the NBC report, Biden’s regime knew about both the balloon and its transmissions the entire time, even though officials allowed the balloon to transit the length of the country before finally shooting the spying device out of the skies on Feb. 4.


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NBC added that an administration official said that the spy balloon used high-bandwidth data collections known as burst transmissions to send its data over the U.S. provider’s system and back to China.

The network’s report also claimed the Biden administration asked the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court for a highly secretive order to allow the feds to collect data on the spy balloon as it transited across the U.S.

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This court order would have allowed the government to let the spy balloon carry on with its work while U.S. officials monitored the craft’s communications with China.

It was also reported that China routinely uses internet service providers in other countries to transmit their spy communications.

China continues to claim that the balloon was not a spy operation, but was merely a “weather balloon.”

Liu Pengyu, a spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in Washington, told NBC that the balloon accidentally drifted into U.S. airspace.

“As we had made it clear before, the airship, used for meteorological research, unintentionally drifted into U.S. because of the westerlies and its limited self-steering capability,” Liu said. “The facts are clear.”


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Despite their bald-faced denials, judging by the tech it was equipped with, it was clearly a spy balloon. NBC added that “the balloon had multiple antennas, including an array most likely able to collect and geolocate communications,” according to a State Department official. It added the craft “was also powered by enormous solar panels that generated enough power to operate intelligence collection sensors.”

Last week, news also broke that the Biden administration tried to conceal the existence of the spy balloon from both the American public and Congress, NBC News reported on Dec. 22.

“Before it was spotted publicly, there was the intention to study it and let it pass over and not ever tell anyone about it,” one U.S. official told NBC News.

Not only did the Biden administration want to hide the existence of this Chinese spy operation from both the public and Congress, it also allowed the balloon to continue reporting the data it had collected back to the West’s biggest international enemy, and didn’t shoot the thing down until its mission was finished.

With the new details that have surfaced regarding this story, one has to wonder just who the Biden administration is working for? American or Chinese interests?

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